Friday, July 26, 2019

Message from Tetsuo Taga, the president of DYMCO /a steel belt supplier

Message from Tetsuo Taga, the president of DYMCO /a steel belt supplier

DYMCO has born in the last era of Showa, run through Heisei era, and plays now a part of steel belt business in this Reiwa era.

On June 21 this year, we celebrated our 34th anniversary of company foundation.

We appreciate all of you who helped us in many ways. Please accept my thank-you to all of you again.

While getting used to era name Reiwaimplying peace & refreshing, I am worried about the bogus reality of Work-style reform, or too much mention of power harassment lacking truthful meaning.

The essence of work-style reform is advanced productivity through work improvement. The sales promotion shall be achieved under the conditions of reduced working hours.

I am sure that the reduction of overtime work shall not be the sole purpose of work-style reform. Spoiling employee does not equal to prepare a good work condition. Loose regulations tend to lead employee to self-deception with low productivity. It is my opinion that true work-style reform shall be a human resource development conforming to market fluctuation, and continuous effort to improve work-life balance is essential for company management. Experiencing hard-working time in one’s twenties or thirties having strong physical strength, vitality, and mental power will reward the person with the capability to conduct himself well when physical strength is declining later. A leading person endeavor to develop himself inconspicuously. A principle rooted in my mind is that excessive compliance deed and/or reversed power harassment shall be eradicated in DYMCO’s office.

Entering 34th financial year, I wish our service and products will contribute to your successful business conduct.

Thank you.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Continuous Monitoring on Wok Temperature - Double Steel Belt Heat PRess Machine

Continuous Monitoring on Wok Temperature - Double Steel Belt Heat Press Machine

Our Doubel Steel Belt Press and Heat, the picture below, has heating blocks in orange.
2 orange blocks in the upper conveyor.  The one on the left is for pre-heating.
Likewise there are 2 orange blocks in the lower conveyor. The one on the left is also for pre-heating.
There is clearance beween 2 heating blocks in the upper and other 2 heating blocks in the lower.
Load is applied from the upper blocks to the lower blocks.

A workpiece such as resin goes through the clearance.
It is heated and softened between steel belts.
It is also pressed and its thickness becomes depth of clearance.
Finally it goes out.

Structure of Double Steel Belt Press and Heat

During this process workpiece temperature goes up in the beginning 
and then is kep same for a while.
This change of temperature is shown in the fiture below.

A Workpiece Temperature Curve in Double Belt Heat and Press

A workpiece is processed, but we cannot watch it temperature.
But it is clear by temperature logging.
This logging is possible when you come to DYMCO and make tests.

If your try this test, please contact us.