Friday, October 25, 2019

DYMCO exhibits FIlM Expo Tokyo Show 2019

Highly Functional FILM Expo 
DEC. 04 Wed to 06 Fri, 2019  Makuhari Messe, Japan
DYMCO: 7th Hall  #38-1

FILM Expo is one of 6 exhibitions, covering functional materials in this Messe.
This is a big event with participation of over 1000 companies.

DYMCO demonstrate film handling conveyors below, employing metal belts.
-Suction/ Vacuum Conveyor
-Double steel belt Heat and Press Conveyor

You will find a variety of metal belts and sleeves, too.
Find tickets and details here.
We are expecting to meet you on this occasion.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Heating and Transport of Heated Parts and Material by Metal Belt Conveyor

Today's topic is heating metal belt conveyor.
We have provided metal belt conveyors for different purposes:

- Keep heated atmosphere
- Baking
- Dry powder
- Heating, heat treatment and softening of metal parts

Now DYMCO has one heating metal belt conveyor in the picture below.

We use this in our lab for tests with our customers.

The heating furnace is set over the transport surface, above the metal belt.
We set up heating temperature, transport speed and heating time.
This way we get results from different conditions.

Drying and Heating Metal Belt Conveyor / Belt Width 500mm  C-C 3000

In addition in our lab we have suction conveyor and transport under vacuum is tested.
If you are interested in these tests, try contact to us. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Folding and Perforation: Metal Open Band End Processing

Today we show examples of end processing on metal open band.
In the picture below, end folding on your left and perforation on your right. 

Folding and Perforation at Metal Open Band End
These belts are thickness 0.2mm.  Steel grade is SUS 304H.
This is spring type of stainless steel.
It endures repeated bendings around rollers and pulleys.
So these metal belts are used for power transmission and covers for actuators and protection of certain parts in machines.

4 holes are for fixing this end.
Normally we sandwich this end by unit (Assy) plate block and fix ends.

Ends in the picture are folded.  This is quite rare.  Usually they are straight and not folded.
But we do lots of process and live up to customers' request.
Our minimum lot of open band is one belt.

Vacuum Conveyor Application Video: Pulling in Film and Metal Foil / Tension Adjustment

We are focusing our sales on suction conveyor.

A conveyor, in general,  carry things.
In addition, suction conveyor can tow a continuous film, metal foil and metal strip under tension like in the video below.
In this test we applied tension by weight.
The degree of tension is adjusted easily by controlling suction.
Material is pulled without wrinkles and without vertical movement like the below.

In both sheet feeding and roll-to roll, films and metal foils are pulled on a belt by vacuum and those thin material stay flat on the belt.