Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016.12.28 Feel free to give a trial on our steel belt conveyors

In order to satisfy the customers’ requests and inquiries from the research and development field, Dymco is working hard to produce more than a steel belt, we have developed it into various forms of conveyors, and they are provided on the global market.

We usually recommend our customers a trial on our demonstration conveyors in our laboratory, to design a product that satisfies the customers’ demand.
Thankfully, the inquiries for the trial have been rapidly increasing. 68 companies had visited our laboratory for trials in the last fiscal year,ending in July 2016.  And we already welcomed 40 groups.  Though it’s been only 5 months since this fiscal year started, the number of the visitors for trials has reached more than a half of it in last fiscal year.
We expect that the more customers than ever would visit for trials.  We feel that those customers are considering our steel belt as a key to develop the new technology and products in the world’s research and development field.

Through the trial on our conveyors, the customers can see, touch and experiment on the actual conveyors. The results of the trial on the conveyors helps the customers design their own conveyor for a trial.

We have two main conveyors for in our lab.  Both of them are conveyors that provide continuous transportation by making use of unique specialty of the steel belt.
One of them is the suction conveyor.  It is suitable for processing thin functional materials, keeping the substrates flat and protected from wrinkles and strains, the inkjet printing, the image inspections.

The suction conveyor
This conveyor can vacuum the substrates both on top and bottom.

The double steel belt heat press conveyor

The other one is the double steel belt heat press conveyor. This one is suitable for laminating plastic films, forming materials under heat and pressure, transporting the substrate under heat.

A few more different steel belt conveyors are available for the trial. So, feel free to contact us for trials.

We believe the trials and the experiments widely help the customers design the production process of new product.

We always welcome your visit.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016.12.14 Disposable Seamless Patterned Mold


I will introduce you today our new seamless replica belt and sleeve.

Characteristic of these products are copied fine pattern by mother mould by deposition and transfer. This method could transfer from master mold one after another so it could reduce costs for manufacturing molds.

Disposable molds

Set mold on a roller
Set fined belt on a unit

What we recommend is a situation to consume molds for molding or printing use in a short term, use mass quantity of molds, copy the best mould which is manufactured occasionally or avoid weakness of welding line.

We are keep trying to expand a technology of stainless steel belts and metal sleeves and provide solutions to customers.

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2016.12.21 Try Suction Steel Belt in the New Year

Just 2 weeks to go till the end of 2016.
Hope you have many good memories of this year.
Dymco has received many contacts this year, especially on suction conveyor or vacuum belts.

Transportation under suction protects fragile and thin materials.  It helps handling and transportation of thin films, paper, new emerging thin materials.  Once those are on belts, their positions are fixed by suction and tension is not applied to those material.

Example of Ink jet printing
Paper is conveyed just 1mm under  the ink jet head

If you are thinking this kind of transportation for your new material or new process, it becomes quite easier to test it on our suction conveyor.  We welcome your visit.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016.12.07 Stainless Steel Belt: DYMCO's Belt Description

When you visit Dymco from Isogo railway station in Yokohama, you will pass by Isogo City office. In front of the building, you will see the birthplace monument of famous singer Hibari Misora. She was the nationwide heroine in Japan.

Anyway, to talk about steel belt, there are a few types of steel belt apparatus.

     Steel conveyer with heating unit  

Let me introduce our belt description as follows;

    Description of DW type belt shall be like DW1884-020-150-2500.

DW: butt welded endless steel belt

1884: 18-8 chromium nickel steel (grade SUS304)

020: thickness 0.2mm

150: belt width 150mm

2500: belt length 2500mm

    Description of DR type belt shall be like DR188S-004-10-750

DR: cold rolled finish after butt welding, thin thickness endless steel belt

188S: 18-8 chromium nickel steel (grade Dymco original)

004: thickness 0.04mm

10: belt width 10mm

750: belt length 750mm

    Description of DP type belt shall be like DP1884-030-200-2500

DP: butt welded endless steel belt with arrayed small hole or sprocket hole

1884: 18-8 chromium nickel steel (grade SUS304)

030: thickness 0.3mm

200: belt width 200mm

2500: belt length 2500mm

    Description of DO type belt shall be like DO1884-015-30-1250

DO: Open end steel belt

1884: 18-8 chromium nickel steel (grade SUS304)

015: thickness 0.15mm

30: belt width 30mm

1250: belt length 1250mm

For more detailed information, please visit the following site, or email to us.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016.11.30 Awarded: Yokohama intellectual property mirai company

Dymco is honored to announce that we were approved as Yokohama intellectual property mirai company on Nov. 30th.
This is a Yokohama City’s official title for the potential local businesses seeking for the further development through the management of intellectual property.
A company approved with this title can get an official support from Yokohama City. Thankfully, we have been approved for this title for several years straight.

For recent few years, Dymco has concentrated our efforts on expanding our business to the production of processing systems from belt supply.  Through the expansion of our business, we have faced many hurdles, such as the management of intellectual property including patent. But, We decided to work harder than ever, to achieve the further development.
Source of this activity lies in technical demands from customers and  forunners to confront unexperienced needs.

We introduced TRIO, three steel belt-based processing systems to the
 flexible electronics industry.
1. Double steel belts heat and press system
2. Suction conveyor
3. Steel belt takt drive system

And now, we add one more item, a pattterned belt that continuously trascribes its fine patterns on to the incoming material.

Thin metal sleeve with micro pattern on its surface

This way steel belts are leading process for finer electronics circuits, devices and printing electronics. 
Therefore, this might sound exaggerating though, there’s opportunity to develop the new intellectual property. So we are working hard to respond customers’ inquires every day.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2016.11.22 Exhibition at Ohsaka 'Functional Coating'

We exhibit Functional Coating Fair 2016 at Osaka on December 6th.  The exhibition is full of unique technology of coating and surface treatment.

Dymco will introduce suction conveyor, double belt heat and press system, and low-inertia roll,  which support precise and secure transportation in coating and surface treatment.

We are very happy to meet people and companies in Osaka and the western part of Japan.
If you have a chance to visit Osaka, please drop in.

Date and time:  10:00-17:00 on Dec. 6, 2016
Place: My Dome OSAKA
DYMCO booth #23 on the 3rd floor

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016.11.16 Suction vacuum stainless steel belt conveyor and inkjet digital printing machine

These days in the print industry, we find  a number of joint developments between offset printing makers and digital printing makers.  Especially inkjet digital printing machines are getting shares as seen in drupa 2016.

Dymco is struggling to catch up with new trends in this industry.  We provide stainless steel vacuum system for paper and film transportation in inkjet digital printing machines, which are featured by on demand system, variable printing, small quantity multifarious production and resource saving.

Our vacuum conveyor is a transportation machine with small holes on a stainless steel belt.  It could transport sheets or films with high speed on on flat belt surface.  This transportation system provides many advantages to inkjet digital printing machine, including keeping a certain clearance between paper and inkjet heads.
Please have a look of a video of Dymco Vacuum conveyor.

Tests on your work are availabel in Dymco's lab.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.  Try this chance on our suction conveyor.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2016.11.09 Double steel belt system for heating, cooling, and pressing

Our doublesteel belt heat/cooling press conveyor is a very suitable process system for the lamination or the adhesion of material like films.

The double steel belt heat/cooling press conveyor presses the object between two separated steel belts, while it heats/cools down the object at the same time.

The double steel belt heat press conveyor also presses the object continuously.

Therefore it is able to press the long sheet type materials.
The conventional batch type hot press system cannot press or heat continuously.  It cannot process a long material either.

If you are looking for a processing system which is able to continuously laminate, form, or adhere the materials, we recommend you to consider our double steel belt heat/cooling press conveyor.

A test is available on our demonstration conveyor. If you are interested in the test, please feel free to contact us and visit our laboratory.
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016.11.02 Dymco’s low-inertia roll

Hello, I am Mukaisaka at Dymco R&D division.

Today’s topic is the low-inertia roll which Dymco started to offer recently.

The mechanism of this product is a thin metal sleeve (electrically casted nickel) which revolves around inner cylinder floating on thin air layer as illustrated here.

As you can imagine easily, the mechanical loss of rotation is minimal.

Even a light weight of small coin (one gram) is enough to initiate the rotation.

See the demonstration video.




Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016.10.26 Metal belt and DYMCO's Environmental Policy

We established our envoironmental policy in 2015.
It states,
'DYMCO, LTD. will pursuit to protect nature and to improve techonology that supports people and natural envoironments in our activities of steel belt manufacturing and sales, thus contribute to our society.'

For instance, when we ship belts, cushoning material is made from cornstarch.  This is combustible waste.

Cushoning material to prootect metal belts during shipping
Material inside the belt is cornstarch-made.

  This is only a part of what we do.  We will further work to reduce the environmental impact.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2016.10.19 Dymco Double Steel Belt Heat Press Conveyor Demonstration Machine.

We have many inquiries of Double Steel Belt Heat Press Conveyor.

Details of demonstration conveyor.

CENTRE DISTANCEthe upper 490mm , the lower 990mm


0.25t×150W×1265L (the upper), 2263L (the lower)

MATERIALHigh tensile stainless steel


POWERAC200V Single phase

MAX PRESSURE1960N 9.8Ncm2)


BELT SPEED0.13m/min


It is a better way to have a test before considering a concept.

We could have a test and send videos or pictures of result with your work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dymco exhibited N-Plus 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight in September.

Booth of Dymco in N+



Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016.10.12 Advice for the customer who plan to use steel belt for the first time:

There are many customers who claim to be a beginner in using steel belt.

The question like “What is the advantage of steel belt over plastic or rubber belt “is the most

Generally, the feature of steel belt is as follows;

/ dust free

/ excellent flatness

/ heat-resistant, anti-corrosive, wear-resistant

/ hygienic

/ stretch free

The use of steel belt is as follows;

/ robot arm driving mechanism

/ precision conveyer in continuous driving

/ precision conveyer in on-and-off driving

/ double press conveyer

/ suction conveyer

The last two use is our recent development of being a supplier of conveyer system.

The demonstration machine is ready for your trial operation in our laboratory.

Please ask DYMCO about your plan. Use questionnaire from our home page.



Thursday, October 6, 2016

2016.10.6 Dymco exhibited N-Plus / Cylindrical Stamper

 Dymco exhibited N-Plus 2016, held at Tokyo Big Sight from Sep. 28th through 30th.
We'd like to express our herty thanks to all the visitors.
To the inquiries we received at the exhibition we will immediately respond. 
It was Dymco's first participation in N-Plus and we showed 'Seamless
Cylindrical Replica Molds' for the first time.
This is a cylindrical stamper for continuous transcription.
Its uniqueness are
- this stamper is cylindrical and capable to transcribe continuously.
- this stamper is called 'Replica Mold' , a copy of the original finely patterned mold.  Cost effectiveness is expected.
Here are some pictures of our exhibition.
THose who could not ome to the show may have an idea how our presentation was like. 

 Suction Conveyer

Heat Press Conveyer

 Seamless Cylindrical Replica Mold 1

Seamless Cylindrical Replica Mold 2

Micro-Patterned Belt

 Air Roll 1

 Air Roll 2

Low-inertia Roll

If you are interested in our products and technology, please feel free to contact us.