Monday, November 26, 2018

Steel Belt Vacuum/Suction Conveyor at China Shenzhen Lithium Battery Show

Steel Belt Vacuum/Suction Conveyor at China Shenzhen Lithium Battery Show

On Dec. 10 to 12 this year 

we exhibit Int'l Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition  in Shenzhen, China.

This is our first participation in this show.
We present our steel belt suction conveyor.
It is capable to vacuum transport thin material on its forwarding face as well as returning face.
When we combine 2 vacuum conveyors like an animation below, 
both surface of battery sheets are processed without being turned over!

Both surface of the work is transported by 2 vacuum conveyors

The first vacuum conveyor transports back surface of the work.
Then the work is forwarded to the 2nd vacuum conveyor by suction.
Here work surface is attached to the suction belt.  
Process can be done on the open side, namely back surface of the work.

We emphasize this, because in this way both surface of battery sheets are cleaned
right after they are cut from the material coil.
This is just one of applications.

Other applications?
1. Continuous printing and image inspection
2. Lamination or sheet -cut oBreathable (non-breathable) films and sheets with either sheet-fed or roll to roll
3. Suction or vacuum transport of small round, bean-like objects or 
    cylinder-shaped ones if one surface is flat.
4. Parts alignment on suction holes lines.
5. Positioning:  Parts on the vacuum belt do not move even though inertia is applied on them.  
6. Device implementation
7. Process in printable electronics, printed electronics and flexible printed circuits

Please drop on our booth #3A88  at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on December 10 to 12.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Stainless Steel Belts in Vacuum and Clean Rooms

Stainless Steel Belts in Vacuum and Clean Rooms 

Here in Yokohama temperature is getting down.  We feel cool here.

Today we talk why our metal belts are chosen in vacuum or in clean rooms.

Good things are

1. charging amount is less than in rubber and plastic belts
2. outgas is not generated
3. smaller dusts than rubber and plastic belts
4. stands heat

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belts Used in Vacuum and Clean Rooms
are used for conveyors and power transmission in vacuum and clean rooms.

They are working in
Sputtering manufacturing equipments, 
CVD manufacturing equipment, 
Solar cell manufacturing equipments, and so on. 

When you are motivated to use metal belts in these environment,
we are very glad to receive your questions.
We suggest on your layout and steel belt specifications.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Elastic and flexible Air Roll presented by Dymco

I am Shinagawa working for Dymco's Sales department. 
It is already Nov now. It is a month that makes me feel we are in the middle of fall. 
During the night time, it is cold enough to have some blankets that are "fluffy and soft" while I sleep off. 

Speaking of the word "soft", We, Dymco, have "Air Roll" in our lineup. 
The outer surface of air roll is made of  a thin metal seamless sleeve.
By filling the  air to the inside of Air roll,  Air roll can express the nip presurrisation which is more flexible or softer than rubber one can do.

Moreover, By adjusting the internal pressure of the compressed air,  the level of elasticity and the surface pressure of the nip can be controlled.

We have  received  a lot of inquires and quotation requests for Air roll  from our customer.
We truly appreciate the opportunity.

                                  "Air Roll",  Metal elastic roll that is made of  seamless sleeve

The advantages of this elastic metal roll ,"Air roll", is as below.

・Air roll does not genereate friction powder unlike a rubber roll
・being able to expand  the nip width
・being able to use a metal roll with ccentricity
・Cooling  system
・to expand the pressing area

We  are always looking for the best soulutions customers are looking for.
We believe that trying our best and making the best effort is closer way to find it.