Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Metal Belt Conveyors on Video

Metal Belt Conveyors on Video

The Japanese Gov'nt declared a  state of emergency against COVID-19 on April 7.
We are still in trouble.
Dymco turned to work from home from April 14th.
We are not familiar with working from home and sometimes feel uneasy and inconvenient.
But we find advantages, too.
I concentrate on my work without interruption of phone calls. 
And of course time for commuting is none. 
So now I can fully work on things that I couldn't do when  I was busy.

By the way, do you know  "Dymco Video Collection" in our site?

I like this very much.
Videos of many kinds of metal belt transport go on and on. 

If you have time, why not turnig this video theater?

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Double Steel Belt Heat and Press Conveyor
Our customers use this conveyor in many ways.
They continuously heat and press the work,
keep the work in a certain temperature between the 2 belts, like plants in a green house,
laminate two material to make a new function.

In general the double steel belt conveyor presses the work with rollers.
However, DYMCO's conveyor does not press by rollers,
but uses square heaters and press the work.
Heating and pressing are done in an area, not in a line pressed by rollers.
Out conveyor is unique on this point and this improves productivity.

Our demonstration conveyor holds the cooling unit, too.
So cutomers can test heating and cooling in a streamline.
Of course we can set heating and cooling time, as well as continuous pressure and speed.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Continuous Inspection of Both Surfaces by Vacuum Conveyor

Continuous Inspection of Both Surfaces by Vacuum Conveyor
We receive many inquiries on continuous inspection on both surfaces of a transported work.
Actually more customers come to DYMCO from distant places
as they find our vacuum conveyor in our web site and get interested in it.
Their works are films, sheets, metal foils, glass etc. used for secondary batteries and electronic devices.
Expansion of IoT pushes those demands.

Rotary tables and single-axis robots may be choices when you inspect both surfaces.
But since they move back and forth, it is quite difficult to shorten cycle time.
Production lines also get complicated.
Why not trying our vacuum conveyor if you need to inspect both surfaces seamlessly in a simple form? 

Inspection of suface by the 1st vacuum conveyor.
By the 2nd vacuum conveyor, back surface is inspected.
Cleaning of both surfaces is also possible without turning around works.
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Friday, April 3, 2020

Remote Monitoring on Steel Belt Vacuum Conveyor

Remote Monitoring on Steel Belt Vacuum Conveyor 

In February this year, "Technical Show Yokohama 2020" was held at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall.
One of exhibitors, JSP Co., Ltd., introduced Dymco's suction conveyor.
The real suction conveyor was not in the booth, but in Dymco,  20 km away from this hall.

Before this exhibition JSP came to Dymco and set their remote communiction device upon our suction conveyor so that JSP can drive it in their booth.

JSP observed electric current by sensors.  Also the attched camera sent images how the conveyor was running.  They received all these info in their booth.

Especially they demonstrated an alarm function telling abnormal operation. 

Exhibition booth of JSP Co., Ltd.

Please look at the video below, showing vacuum transport of our steel belt conveyor with remote monitoring device set.

We will continue to examine failure prediction, safe operation, and such
so that our conveyors could provide safety and reliabity to our customers.