Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hess Pumice Powders - Positive Alternative to Micro Beads

Hess Pumice Powders  -  Positive Alternative to Micro Beads

DYMCO is currently working on an "Environmental Management System" to obtain ISO14001 certification, so today I would like to talk about the environment from a different perspective.

DYMCO is a specialized manufacturer of steel belts that features high precision, flatness, and  smoothness.  In addition to it, we import and sell silica-based abrasives of the U.S. maker Hess Pumice Products Inc. as its Asian distributor.

Pumice of Hess is amorphous silica.
It is widely used as a polishing agent for glass and metal materials in Japan because it has relatively high hardness as silica type and high grinding efficiency.

Hess Pumice Powders

 Electron Micrograph of Hess Pumice Powders

But there is a change in reent years.
Hess pumice is getting attention as a micro beads substitute
as the movement of micro beads regulation has been strengthened in marine pollution and environmental protection.

Hess pumice, purely natural product, is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human bodies.
In the United States, we have a track record in the cosmetics field, mainly for face scrubs.

Hess's Pumice has a wide range of particle size line-up, about 50 types, from minimum average particle size from 3μm to 5mm.
This is realized by precise grinding and selection technology and strict quality control.

In addition, LHM, Low Heavy Mineral powders are also available.
Heavy minerals are less than 0.1%.

Samples can be provided free of charge, so please do not hesitate to contact us on Hess pumice powders.


Friday, May 24, 2019

Robot Arm Driving Belt in Vacuum

We are getting more and more inquiries on vacuum environment.
In this field DYMCO is capable to suggest solutions to driving belts, which control motion of pick-and-place robot arms.

We find encouraging advantages of stainless steel open bands for finer manufacturing like semiconductor device.

(1) Metal open bands are very thin.  Compact and very light units are made.

(2) Metal bands are rigid and show little elongation.
     Speed for drive and halt can be increased.  Speedy motions are realized.

(3) Removal of backlash.  Band length ends can be fixed on a pulley.

(4) Vibrations are limited when arms rotate or halt.  Driving noises are also low.  
     Metal open bands work without a drop of oil.

(5)  Stainless steel bands are tough against heat, corrosion and abrasion.
      Also limited dusts and out gas are good reasons of choice 
      in vacuum, under heat, and in clean rooms.

Stainless steel open bands driving a robot arm

Given your layout or working conditions we suggest belt specs or layout to you.
Please be free to contact us.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Suitable method for continuous printing, and processing on paper, films, sheets.

When printing or processing continuously on the surface of a film, sheet, paper, etc., if the film stretches, moves or waves, it will not be possible to perform accurate printing or processing.

In those cases, Dymco's Vacuum/Suction Steel Belt Conveyor can help to perform accurate printing and processing.
This is because Dymco's Vacuum/Suction Steel Belt Conveyor does not transport the film by pulling force of winding rolls, but by holding it on a flat and smooth steel belt by suction.

The film is transported while the entire film is adhered on a flat and smooth steel belt by suction. So, the film can be transported smoothly and quietly without applying excessive force. As a result, accurate printing and processing will be possible.

DYMCO's Vacuum / Suction Steel Belt Conveyor can be applied to lot more interesting applications.

We are looking forward to hearing your interesting ideas on how to use DYMCO’s Vacuum/Suction Conveyor.