Thursday, September 19, 2019

Metal Belt Fluororesin Coating: Heat-resitance, Wear-resitance, and Non-adherent Property

We do Fluororesin coating on our stainless steell belts and we have increased kinds of coating as the picure below.


Hearing your needs, we choose types of Fluororesin.
In some coating heat-resistance is normal but non-adherent property is excellent.
In the other, abraion resistance stands out.
And the we coat that material on our metal belts and install them in our conveyors.

When you need to add functions on metal belts, please contact us.
In addition to the above examples, gray coating is also popular.
This coating cancel reflextion of stainless steel and is used for camera inspection.

Friday, September 13, 2019

DYMCO'S Vacuum Conveyor Serves Best for Varible Printing

                  DYMCO'S Vacuum Conveyor Serves Best for Varible Printing

SNS and email ads are popular, still we find direct mails in our posts.
Direct mails are made after printing different names and address on each mail.
This is what we call 'variable printing.' 
It is done by inkjet printing.  inkjet printing is written 'IJ' in short.
IJ automaticcally prints differrent info on each item.

IJ does not use plates, fixed info, like offset press or gravure printing. 

IJ prints data and data is variable.
This is why inkjet can print different names, QR codes, IDs on every card and envelop.
Multi-product small lot is exactly the very feature of inkjet printing 
in contrast to offset press and gravure printing that print the same data in volume.

Then what happens when you transport those cards and envelops fast enough in inkjet printing?

Due to wind pressure during transport,
corners and edges of these thin paper items may easily float, 
and they may deviate from the initial position.
These situations result in printing failure.

Landing positions of Picoliter-level ink drops are essential in inkjet printing.
This is same for IJ with UV inks.
Ink drops are shot aiming at certain X-Y positions.
But if their landing height is longer than aimed,
ink drops do not land at expected X-Y psitions, resulting poor images.

Our vacuum conveyor sucks thin cards and envelops and transport them right under the inkjet head. 

Landing height is kept minimum even for thin material like paper and films.
This high-speed and precise transport is essential for variable printing.

Sometimes it is difficult to export the whole suction conveyor overseas.
But we will make metal suction/ vacuum belts and give advise for designing the vacuum cocnveyor.