Thursday, February 27, 2020

100% Natural Power Pumice, Non Christal Silica Powders

100% Natural Power Pumice, Non Christal Silica Powders

DYMCO sells steel belts.
And one more thing.  It is Power Pumice, 100% natural silica powders.
We are Asian Representative of Hess Pumice Products, Inc. in Idaho in the U.S. and sell their natural pumice in Japan, China and other Asian countries.

Power Pumice is used as abrasives, paint filler, filtering media, etc.
Large powders are granular, small ones are fine powders.
These are mainly composed of a kind of silica.
Environmentally friendly powders are used in many ways in our daily lives.

Environmentaly Friendly Power Pumice

Powders are porous, excellent in "breathability" and "water absorption."
So they are suitable for horticultural soil and sands for pets.
We can magine that in the future pumice may serve best for hydroponics.
Hydroponics is expected to be tough against higher temperature by global warmng.
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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Suction Transport Varietions: plastic cups transport, incline transport, etc.

Suction Transport Variations: plastic cups transport, incline transport, etc.

Our suction belt has tiny suction holes on metal belt surface.
Suction holes are all over the surface.
This is why you can transport objects at any spot on the belt,
you can make transport surface inclined, and
things does not fall even if inverted.
Plastic cups are suction-transported on the returning side.
Suction is working on both belt upper surface and returning surface.
Belt surface is inclined but papers are sucked and transported.
We accept our customer requests of suction transport tests ar Dymco.These tests and trials are done by the conveyor in pictures above.
If you are very far away from Japan, we may send a compact suction conveyor upon request.
For details please contact us at

Friday, February 14, 2020

Metal Belt Quality Control - Hole Pitch Measurement

 Metal Belt Quality Control - Hole Pitch Measurement

We do measurements using micrometer, calipers, pi tapes and such.
These acts sustain quality of our steel belts.

On some belts of
perforated ones we perform hole pitch measurements on micron order by 2D image measuring machine of the picture below.

 Metal Belt Hole-Pitch Mearuement Device

 Hole-Pitch Measurement Display
We keep the required quality by these measurement and inspection in each process.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

When you replace plastic and rubber belts with metal belt

When you replace plastic and rubber belts with metal belt

We hav been appealing metal belts for more than 30 years.
But we still find many people who are not familiar with metal belts.
This cannot be helped in a way.
However, those people suddenly face problems like trasport under heat, belt elongation, or viblatin of the transport surface.
Then metal belts emerge in ther mind.
We have many phone calls of those people in Japan and email questions from all over the world.
These calls and  emails are very important to us.
Becuase there are key engineering points when metal belts are introduced for the first time.
Here in Japan we lend conveyors like the picture below.
Steel Belt Conveyor: CC 500mm, Metal Belt covered with Green Fluorescent Coating,
Belt Thickness 0.15mm, Belt Width 50mm
With overseas users we listen to their situations and lend the conveyor when conditions are agreed.