Friday, June 28, 2019

Highly Precise Motion Realizedl by Stainless Steel Belt

Highly Precise Motion Realized by Stainless Steel Belt

Today's topic is metal open bands and open tapes.

These stainless steel bands and tapes are often used for ball screw covers and scalar robots controls.
These are very popular applications.

Still there is another application, 'Alpha Steel Belt.'
This belt is like the illustration below.
Both length ends of a belt are fixed.
A pulley is also fixed on a belt.
This pulley is directed connected with a servo motor axis.
When this motor rotates, this pulley also rotates and the belt is wound accordingly.
As a result both belt end fixed positions make linear motion, going right and lest in the illustration.
This linear motion is mechanically precise, thanks to this belt. 

Illustration: Stainless Steel Open Alpha Belt Linear Motion

Also we can fix attachment with a bolt on a hole in the belt so that this attachment makes linear motion.

To your questions, we do calculations to set belt specs and advise hole positions.  
Be free to contact us for belt motion and anything.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

DYMCO is exhibitng at Shanghai SNEC 2019

Shanghai SNEC 2019 has opened on June 4. According to current statistics, about 1,600 companies are exhibiting at this show. It is one of the largest solar power related events in China. Our Chinese company is exhibiting. We are looking forward to your visit to the DYMCO (Shanghai) booth. 
The details are as follows;

1. SNEC 13th (2019)
    International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition
2. SessionsJune 4, to June 6, 2019
    9:00-17:30, June 4(Tue.)
    9:00-17:30, June 5(Wed.)
    9:00-14:30, June 6(Thu.)
3. VenueShanghai New International Expo Center
4. DYMCOs BoothNo. 112Hall E2
5. Products displayed
   ・Layered stainless steel welded tubes 
   ・Micro-patterned belt (Seamless pattern mold)