Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Hess Pumice Sand for Chinchilla bathing

Hess Pumice Sand for Chinchilla bathing

Due to the emergency declaration, 
'work from home' was introduced in Dymco in the middle of April.
Now the declaration was lifted.
We adopt staggered working hours from June 1.

So we work together again at our office.
We are finding little by little difference and merits of working in the office and working from home.

The second and third wave are predicted.
Also typhoons are coming.
DYMCO is preparing for those cases to continue our sales and production.

DYMCO is famous for its steel belts,
but we are doing sales of other interesting products.
As an Asian distributor of Hess Pumice Products, Inc. in the US, 
we import and sell their silica powders as abrasives.
They are used mainly for polishing glasses, metals, etc., 
but we also sell their powders as ChillDust, a product used for chinchilla sand baths.
Chinchillas and hamsters keep their bodies clean by bathing in sand.
Please look at this video, Hess Pumice Sand for Chinchilla bathing.

If you are interested in this sand for pet care,

please contact us or email to

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Tough Times Drive Chances

Tough Times Drive Chances

May breeze has gone and we are in a rainy season here in Yokohama.

The first half of 2020 has been covered by news of "COVID-19, " the invisible new virus. 
We, DYMCO members, have taken preventive measures against infection.
We  adopted working from home and changing commuting hours.

We look at needs of masks and protective closing and 
think how we can help to ease this situation even a bit by our stainless steel belts.

Our belts are used in clean rooms.
Miscellaneous bacteria do not grow on our meltal belts.
If you have metal belts in mind in your applicataion,
Please contact us or email to

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Relationship between steel belt and pulley diameter

Relationship between steel belt and pulley diameter

Various thicknesses and types of steel belts are chosen for each usage.
Then what about pulley diameter?
A large pulley is chose for a thick belt and a small one for a thin belt.
Here is a guideline in the technical information of Dymco's web site.

For power transmission open end belts,
pulley diameter = thickness x 400
example: belt thickness 0.1mm x 400 = pulley diameter 40mm

For welded type conveyor belts,
pulley diameter = thickness x 700

But when there are holes in the conveyor belt,
we recommend pulley diameter = thickness x 800
The graph below shows this relationship for conveyor belts.

                                                   Y:Belt thickness X:Pulley diameter

Yellow and green lines need smaller diameter than red and blue lines.
Yellow and green are stronger belts against bending stress than red and blue belts.

If you want to extend life of steel belts,
try to use larger pulley diameter than this guideline.

But when a load is not much, smaller diameter may be possible.

We recommend the best belt and pulley dimension for your application based on our stress calculation.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

High Friction Pads - Effects and Manufacturing Method

High Friction Pads - Effects and Manufacturing Method 

The Covid-19 is widespread globaly.
Many people get infected or even lose their lives.
In the beginning I thought it might be same as flu,
but it is a very horrifying virus, invisible and recognized only by electronic microscope.
We hope effective medicine and vaccination will be delveloped so soon.
Today I talk about surface treatments.
Have you ever heard of Tungsten carbide?
It is possible to creat high friction surface by spraying these particles onto the part.
High friction is realized by minute carbide metal protrusions after spraying.
These protrusions are super hard and have excellent wear resistance.
They firmly adhere to the part or the substrate.
This surface can be made on a limited area of the parts where wear resistance is required.
Both surface of shims can be wear resistant, too.
High friction surface, why is it demanded?

(1)  make only limited area of the part anti friction and non-slip
(2) fasten the bolt tight and non loose by adding a ring shaped sheet
(3) make smaller and lighter the fastening part where a large amount of inertia is applied
Our customers adopt this furface aiming at these effects.

Ultra Thin High Friction Pads and Sheets
Please contact Dymco for small and thin parts requiring wear resistance.