Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Easy-to-Clean Metal Belt Food Conveyor

Easy-to-Clean Meta Belt Food Conveyor

Emergency declaration was lifted here in Japan yesterday.

Still COVID-19 threat exists. 
In DYMCO we continue to work from home and make use of web conferences.
Social distance, masks, ventilation, and washing hands have become are our new behaviors.

In such a situation, we feel motivation is growing to keep clean transport equipment especially in the food and medical industries.

Easy to clean is our  “Food Steel Belt Conveyor
The belt, frames and all parts are made of stainless steel.
Disassembly, cleaning and washing are very easy.
DYMCO Steel Belt Conveyor for Food Hygiene Management
There is little 凹凸 on the stainless steel belt surface.
Please wipe with alcohol or wash with water at the end of work.
The belt is soon dry and kept clean.

Also, by additional surface treatments other functions may be acquired on the belt.
This is an issue to be discussed.
Please contact us or email to overseas@dymco.co.jp

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Over 50 Rich Grades Variations - Hess Pumice Amorphous Precision Abrasives

Over 50 Rich Grades Variations - Hess Pumice Amorphous Precision Abrasives

Dymco is a steel belt maker. 

We are proud of precision, flatness, and smoothness of our belts., etc.

We also work as the Asian representative of Hess Pumice Products in the United States,
importing to Japan and exporting to Asia their silica abrasives.

Pumice of Hess is non-crystalline silica and harmless to human bodies.
It is harder than other silica powders, resulting in higher grinding efficiency.
This is used as abrasives for glasses and metals in Japan and PCB substrates in Asia.

Hess Pumice Production Site

Hess silica abrasives

Microscope picture of Hess Silica abrasives
There are many long processes in polishing from rough to intermediate and finish.
Also, some users target to improve surface roughness, 
while others target to remove deposits.
Hess abrasives lineup ranges from the minimum average particle 3 microns and
includes many grades (particle size distribution) exceeding 50.

Customers can choose the most suitable grade according to usage, polishing objects, purpose, process, etc.

Hess also offers the low heavy mineral powders.
Heavy minerals in abrasives are just 0.1% or even less by their precise crushing,
selection technology and strict quality control.
It is possible to provide the samples free of charge,
so please be free to contact us overseas@dymco.co.jp
or Hess Pumice sales@hesspumice.com

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Hygienic Stainless Steel Belt

                                                  Hygienic Stainless Steel Belt

We are facing COVID-19 now.  This is fight against virus.

In the food industry have been repeated food poisoning and food product contamination due to bacteria growth.

One reason is hygiene management on food process machines and food transport systems.

Generally, we can clean metal much more easily than organic materials like resin and rubber.
Especially stainless steel demonstrated little possibility of rusts.
So this metal has been used in the food processing industry and water related parts like sinks and faucets.
DYMCO is an expert of stainless steel belts.
Our belts are hygiene and emit little dusts, serving as a good transport tool in the food industry and clean-room operations.

Reference in our site: * Problems with Contamination / Cleaning / Residual odors ?

* Problems with Dust Generation / Particle Contamination ?

We wish everyone stays healthy.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Plastic Film Cooling by a Face Touch Roll

 Plastic Film Cooling by a Face Touch Roll
Dymco has started to work from home as a measure against COVID-19. 
We continue to hold regular meetings inside our company by Microsoft  Teams. 
We attend them from home, completely avoiding contacts among members and spread of virus.
On the other hand, we have no choice but to come to the office for on-site works like improvements and evaluation of devices.
We would like to work on development themes efficiently,
although it is not certain how long this situation goes on.

Once in this blog I introduced Dymco's "cooling roll."
This roll is tripled.  From the outer surface, there are a thin electroformed sleeve, cooling water and rubber.
Cooling water flows in clearance between the outside sleeve and rubber. 
This rubber covers the core of this roll.

When this roll is pressed against the cooling target, the outside thin sleeve is pressed and creats face touch.
The performance depends on how much this face contact area is obtained.
In addition, we need to obtain data how much heat is removed by this roll.
So we are working to prepare evaluation equipment like the one in the picture below.
Cooling Test by Our Cooling Roll

We delivered φ100 × 950L for trial so far.
Now larger size is possible.
There is size restrictions in electroformed sleeves.
But please be free to contact us at overseas@dymco.co.jp