Wednesday, November 20, 2019

DYMCO Serves Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

DYMCO Serves Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

Many conveyors are working in Food production, plastic belt conveyors in most cases.
But DYMCO make food conveyors using stainless steel belts.

Metal belts are superior in life and shows resistance against corrosion and chemicals in cleaning materials.
Stainless steel belts best fit heating, drying, and cooling.

Stainless steel itself does not kill bacteria,
but it rejects incoming of viable bacteria on to belt surface.
Bacterial does not grow in the belts. 
Food items are also directly placed on the a clean metal belt surface.
These good things are only found in metal belts.

No atrophy or deterioration take place either when washing with very hot water or Alkaline chemicals.

The tail of our conveyor is easily lifted up so that washing and belt exchanges are done smoothly.

DYMCO's Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

Food conveyance tests in our lab are also welcome.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Heat Transfer by Surface Contact / Dimco Cooling Roll for film forming

Heat Transfer by Surface Contact / Dymco Cooling Roll for film forming 

The Japanese people are becoming great rugby fans, enjoying every match of Rugby World Cup 2019 held in Japan.
It is a big news for us that Japan could join the best 8 teams for the first time.

Now back to DYMCO products, I introduce “Cooling Roll” today.
This is a special product in a way that the outer surface is has a thin-walled cylindrical metal sleeve completely seamless, without any seam.  Inside this sleeve lies a rubber-coated roll. 

Cooling water circulates In this clearance between the outside metal seamless roll and the inside rubber roll.

The cooling capacity depends on how much contact area can be gained when this cooling roll is pressed against the object to be cooled (usually a rigid roll).

Currently, we are setting parts and units to watch the actual heat transfer performance
and are making further improvements to meet the demands of users.

The upper roll is our cooling roll and the lower roll is a hard rigid roll

We have provided φ100 x 950L to a user for trial.
The larger size is producible.
Cooling roll size is sometimes restricted by size of the outer metal seamless sleeve.
But we welcome your questions and are looking forward to discussions with you.


DYMCO is tackling Japan's challenges, environmental issues and an aging society

DYMCO is tackling Japan's challenges, environmental issues and an aging society

Big typhoons have damaged many areas in our country this year.
Some say this is caused by global warming,
and that these big typhoons will come from now on, too.
At the same Japan's super aging society is also an important issue.
Together with young labor shortage, need of automation and  labor saving is increasing.
DYMCO face these issues.
We develop and sell devices or parts to support solutions, like
stringer belts to connect solar cells to form solar panels and
metal open bands driving scalar robots.
these also help automation and labor saving in handling thin materials. 
Stringer Belts Connecting Solar Cells to Form Solar Panels

Metal Open Bands to Drive Scalar Robots

  Metal Suction/ Bacuum Belt Conveyor

Double Steel Belt Heat and Press Conveyor