Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Double Belt Press Heating System, Suction Conveyor...Metal Belts Lab Paradise

  Double Belt Press Heating System, Suction Conveyor...Metal Belts Lab Paradise 

It  is getting cool day by day here in Yokohama.  How about your place?

We welcome many visitors in our web site.  
And steel belts are the first experience for many of them.
In Japan those people pay attention to  Double Belt Press Heating System for lamination and film forming.  

What can we expect this system?

1. Continuous heating, pressuring and cooling 
    realized by heat-conductive stainless steel belts.

2. Flatness and thickness evenness after heating and pressuring.

We have two systems for demonstration here and can offer simple tests.
The first Double Belt Heating System, the belt width is 150mm and heating and pressuring is done for distance of 150mm. 
The second one is larger.  Belt width is 400mm and offers the maximum pressure 29400N.  Temperature of belt surface can reach 250 degrees C.
More than this, cooling is available after heating.

In addition to this system we have suction conveyors for thin material handling.
We also have a food conveyor.
This belt and flatness are all stainless steel for hygiene management.

For drive applications, we reply back belt strength calculation chart under specific conditions offered by users.

It is true unexpected things could happen when you use metal belts for the first time.
But we support you as much as we can with our experience, data, and tests results so that you can choose the right belts.

Try your visit to our new inquiry page .  We reply back soon. 

DYMCO, LTD. URL: http://www.steelbelt.jp

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Please leave the selection, manufacture, quality, and provision of steel open belt to Dymco.

Hi, this is Naruse from Dymco Sales Department.
This time I would like to introduce some examples of steel open belt (DO type) application by illustration.

1) Stainless Steel Open Belts For Lifting and Lowering

Secure the one end of belt to the pulley, fix the other end to the object what you want to lift. There is no lubrication needed, saving space for winding part.

Lifting /Winding Stainless Steel Belt

2) Stainless Steel Open Belt For Robotic Arms Stainless

Stainless steel belts are virtually unstretchable, fixed on the pulley, there is no slip as belt fixed to the pulley.

 Stainless Steel Belt for Robotic Arm Cover

3) Stainless Steel Open Belt for actuator cover such as ball screw

Use a thin, flat, straight stainless steel material to prevent oil and solvent leaks, and entry.

Stainless Steel drive tape for One-Axis robot

For these application scenarios, Dymco will

1. Offer the advice to choose the specification of the belts to meet your needs

2. Proposal the best qualified material

3. Provide high-quality stainless steel from reliable supplier

4. Make the short lead time possible because of nough inventory

5.Manufacture prototype or mass production, your wide range quantities for anufacturing

Dymco are working hard and focus on satisfying our customer needs.
Please feel free to contact us.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Maintaining the quality of Our Suction/Vacuum belts

How are you doing?
My name is Morita from Dymco's engineering department .

Dymco recently has been focusing on our suction/vacuum conveyor that has been well recieved by our customers.

Suction/Vacuum belt is the esssential part of Suction/Vacuum conveyor.
For every customer,  we put our best effort into delivering suction belts with stable and high quality.
In order to keep the quality high, we think  very strict quality inspections are necessary when the belt is shipped.

As I mentioned above,  the essential part of  Suciton/Vacuum conveyor is the Suction/Vacuum belts.
In each manufacturing process,  we inspect every factor determines the accuracy of the Suction belts.
Only the belts that passed those inspections are shipped to customers. 

The final inspection is done on the vacuum steel belt in an endless shape.

We will continue to develop products that meet the demand in the world. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Dymco is supprting the medical fund to developping countries by collecting used stamps.

Did you know the used stamp can support the medical fund for developing countries? 

5000 pieces of uses stamps can be exchanged to about 1900 yen, which is enough to provide text books for Tanzanian nursing college for a year.

Dymco collects the used stamps from the mails ad sed them to the organization in charge of this project.

According to the organization’s report, about 20 million yen are collected and funded in 2016, through collecting used stamps, and wasted postcards.

Dymco manufacturers various steel belt conveyors and conveyor belts.

Please feel free to contact us.