Wednesday, August 29, 2018



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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Inspection and transportation of rechargeablle battery for dymco's suction steel conveyor

We, Dymco, visited China International Battery Fair, CIBF 2018, held in Shenzhen China this year of May.

Compared to Japanese battery shows held in Tokyo Big Sight, the number of exhibitors and the area of exhibition hall were almost double.

The exhibition hall also had a energetic atmosphere.

We recognized how huge the battery market in China was and understood why so many Chinese manufactures have been investing on that market with the great enthusiasm.

Regarding the manufacturing machine displayed on that show, some Chinese- made machines were as good as ones by Japanese manufacturers.

It is clear Chinese manufactures has developed well enough to manufacture the most industrial-use machines.

Anyway, we think that our suction conveyor is applicable to this rechargeable battery market.

The other day, we had a chance to see an inspection machine for electrode sheet of lithium ion secondary batteries in China.

The line had a camera above to inspect cut metal foils while the foils are sucked and transported on a suction metal belt.

To remove the small metal particles generated under the cutting process, there was a structure holds the material with a suction belt and removes the particles with a rotating brush.

The advantages of applying our suction belts or conveyor will be as follows.

 i - Even if the material is a thin metal foil that is easy to wrinkle, it is possible to prevent the wrinkling of the material and able to convey at high speed without leaving suction marks on the material.

 ii - Since the material is being sucked, it will not fly away even under the high speed conveyance, it will stay in a position.

 iii - Our suction belt is extremely flat. Because of that, it is possible for your camera-inspection with very flat surface.

If you are interested in our suction system, feel free to visit our office to test out your experiments.

We are looking forwards to hearing an inquiry from you.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Steel belts and weld distortion

This year, Japan has been suffering from a boiling hot summer.
News repeatedly reports the heated railway tracks and asphalt laid on the pavement deforming its shape.

Steel belts can also deform their shape by the heat comes from welding process.
It is a subject Dymco has been working on to improve the quality of steel belts.

Dymco's steel belts are manufactured based on enormous amount of technical data and Dymco's steel belts are used in a wide variety of the industrial fields.

Dymco promises our customers to keep working hard on improving our steel belts technology to satisfy our customers’ request.

Dymo's steel belt  on a platen; the weld distortion is little.