Friday, July 8, 2016

Traial of Invar Belt, Low-Heat-Expansion-Ratio Metal Belt

Invar is a kind of Nickel alloy and its heat expansion ratio is remarkably low.
Comapare with steel, it is below one tenth and with SUS 304, it is on 17th.
The name 'invar' comes from 'invariable.'
This great feature was discovered by Switzland physician in 1897.
It was found then that the lowest heat expantion is realized when steel includes 36% of Nickel.
Expansion ratio depending on Nickel percentage
(X: Nickel Percentage in Nickel steel, Y: Expansion Ratio)
So far flatness has been evaluated as features of metal belts and belts have been used in a wide range of industries such as chemical, food, medical, semi-doncuctors, printing, automobiles and plastics.  And we see increase of particular requests on flatness in heat environment like 200 to 300 degrees.  In such heat conditions, low heat expansion belt material like this invar is quite important. 


Invar Welded Sleeve
DYMCO continues research on belt materila so that we can present solutions to your requirements.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Metal Tape High Precision Intermittent Drive

We receive many inquiries on how to realize high-speed and high-precision intermittent drive.

We propose positioning drive by belt holes and pully pins arranged with regular angles like illustration below.  This positioning is possible by rigid metal belt.

Metal Belt Intermittent Drive by Sprocket Pulleys
Blue line is a metal belt.

Discussion on this drive starts with the customer's application.  We send an inquiry sheet to the customer that covers research on metal belt operating conditions.

Intermittent Drive Unit for Demonstration

Please contact us, esptially if you have issues of precise transportation pitch and tracking.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Micro pattern sleeves

Recently, it is increasing for us to provide moulds for nanoinprint with micro patterned surface.

 Thickness of sleeve is around 0.05mm~0.3mm and materials are Nickel or SUS.

A process to make a master mould, sleeve is pressed fit onto an axis and polish as mirror surface.
 After the sleeve is polished, it is curved micro pattern on the surface.

Micro pattern belt (Seamless Pattern Mould)

However, this means needs high precision machine tools and takes much time.

Also, the master moulds have lifetime so it is necessary to have a few moulds for mass production.
We have invented a new solution to make copy mould which is totally same as its master with transfer the micro pattern twice.
It does not cost like making new moulds by curving.

Example of micro patterned thin metal sleeve

The picture is an example but we could have smaller pattern recently.
We coat
electroless nickel plating on nickel sleeve first and curve after press fit the sleeve onto an axis.
 The patterned sleeve is used with pressed fit onto an axis of mass production machine.
 To press fit, a specific skill is necessary so we usually manufacture the axis as well.
 We deal with sleeves and axes for trial or mass production.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Questions on Steel belts and metal belts

We have 'Frequestly Asked Questions' page in our web site.

Questions and Answers page

If you have not used steel belts, will you visit this page and capture what steel belts are like?



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Double Steel Belt Heat Press Conveyor

In our lab we have one unit of double steel belt heat press conveyor.  This was made 2 years ago and has been open to our customers. 

This explicit features are
1. Compact.  Much smaller than conventional heat press units.
    Pulley diameter 90mm, while conventional pulley 800mm.
    Center distance 490mm.
2. Best for testing before volume production
Double steel belt heat press conveyor:
2 coated steel belts capture material and apply pressure and heat
We welcome you here in Yokohama for testing with this unit.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life test of steel belts and metal belts

Dymco is doing belt life examination, for our belts must perform well in various applications such standard conveyors, all stainless steel food conveyors, intermittent drive system, cooling and heating system, or suction / vacuum conveyors.
The picture below is high-speed belt life test unit.
Test belt width is 2 to 50mm and its length is 1000mm max.

Belt speed is 500~1000m/min.
This test goes on every day for 24 hours and data is stored.
We do this test until belts are broken or belts mark theoretical maximum life.  When belts are broken extremely in a short period of time, we examine its cause and improve belts.  This is one of reasons that our belts are getting better in belt life.
Steel belt life, metal belt life test unit

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thickness of our steel metal belt

Dymco's steel metal belts are almost less than 1 mm thick.

Thickness 0.2mm and 0.3mm, they look very thin.
However, they are belt material.
In other words, they are tensile to stand repeated rotations.
We need a lot of force to bend 0.3mm -thick belt with our hands.

The picture below shows how the belt material bends by its own weight.
Thickness is , from the front, 0.05, 0.08, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, and 0.3mm.
Various thickness of steel metal belt

The front on is 0.05mm thick, thinner than human hair (0.07mm).
Yet it is spring type and looks arc.  This way steel metal belts are rigid.