Friday, January 17, 2020

Great Potential in Metal Belts

Great Potential in Metal Belts

Our management and accountants often talk with people working banks and finacial industries. 
They pay attention to our metal belts, too,
for our belts are unique and great potential to creat new markets.
Those belts are like the ones in the pictures below.

Suction / Vacuum Conveyor for web handling 
Metal Sleeves for Film Forming
Our belts are expected to creat and handle new functional matrials.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

10-Micron Thick Nickel Elctro-Formed Seamless Belt

10-Micron Thick Nickel Elctroformed Seamless Belt

Thickness is controlled in micron order.
Completely seamless cylinder.
These re features of our Nickel electroformed belts.

How are these benefits wonderful?
As rigidity is proportional to the cube of the thickness,
the thinner steel belt can go around the smaller diameter pulleys.
Belts are tensile and capable to accept bending stress.

Our stainless steel welded belts, thickness ranges 0.05t~0.6t (mm).
However, this time we challenged thinner belts by electroforming and made a sample of thickness only 10 microns.

The belt goes along with a rod of Φ5mm
Nickel Seamless Belt Sample 0.01t×100W×380L
10-micron thick
What will be applications of this belt?

A belt in a limited space such as in micro machines
Knife-edge, very small R belt
Thin-wall cylinder shell
Electromagnetic wave shielding films
Special molding dies

We will develop electroforming technology of Nickel belts.

Monday, January 6, 2020

New Year message from the president of Dymco

New Year message from Tetsuo Taga, the president of Dymco, a steel belt supplier:

Happy New Year

In the first new year of the Japanese calendar Reiwa, I sincerely thank all the people who supported Dymco in various opportunity.

In the spring of this year, the business application of anticipated 5G telecommunications standard will start with the active alignment and realignment of IT businesses including overseas partners.

Now in the new era of Reiwa, we encounter an industrial revolution equal to the Industrial Revolution in 18th century with this technology evolution.

The 5G system magnifies line speed and memory capacity 100 times compared with current 4G system, and accelerates the technology evolution.

On the other hand, Japanese schoolchildren’s reading comprehension level has fallen to 15th place in the international achievement survey. Japanese media picks up on this issue as the lack of ability to read and understand. I am worried a little about future. There must be some influence of computer network and smartphone. It is important for us to preserve carefully the thinking time in stead of instant reply obtained in 5G environment in order to maintain reading and understanding capability. Returning to the principle of the thing must be essential to avoid the ill effect of pursuing excessively convenient tools.

This year is the Year of the Rat. A rat is a prolific animal and the symbol of prosperity. My goal is also the inheritance of prosperous business to the next generation.

May the new year bring you prosperous opportunity and happiness!

2020 New Year’s Day

Tetsuo Taga / Dymco

Thursday, December 26, 2019

From Sheet-to-Sheet Press to R2R Double Belt Heat Press

From Sheet-to-Sheet Press to R2R Double Belt Heat Press

The year of 2019 is going to be closed.
We had many guests here this year. 
Many of them brought their special material and we did experiments and evaluation together here.
Some of them found DYMCO web site in their Internet search or got info from our blog and were motivated try tests at DYMCO lab.
One of issues of our clients is how to shift to the volume production that includes heating, pressing and cooling.  Ordinary machines cannot produce a lot, covering these process.
Here we suggest you to examine our Double Belt Heat and Press Unit.
Like an illustration below, the post guide press machine on your left presses the work one by one.
Volume production cannot be expected.
The unit on your right, however, 2 belts continuously heat, press, and cool the work n R2R basis.
Volume production and production cost decrease are gained. 

Cross Section of Post Guide Press (left) and Double Belt Heat Press (Right)
In Double Belt Unit there are 3 process, Orange Area 1 preheating, Orange Area 2 Heating, and Blue Area of Cooling.

This heat and press test involves 3 elements of temperature, pressure and time.  We cannot easily guess the results.  So why not come hear and see what happens?

Friday, December 20, 2019

Did You Touch a Welded Area of Metal Belt?

Did You Touch a Welded Area of Metal Belt?

 We make metal endless belts by butt welding.
You may wonder 'Is the welding line really beautiful?'
We prepare for wedling samples so that you can see and touch its flatness.
They are right in the picture below.

From the front, thickness is 0.05mm, 0.08mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, and 0.3mm.
If you need flatter state, we can offer polishing on the welding line.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Highly-Functional Film Expo Tokyo Show 2019

Highly-Functional Film Expo Tokyo Show 2019

We thank all of you for your coming to DYMCO at this show on Dec. 4 to 6.

There espetially cylinder-type pattern molds below caught attention.

In this picture the original rigid mold sits on the left.  We call it Mother.
There are fine patterns on its surface.
From Mother we make copies.

First we copy patterns from outside of Mother.
That sits in the middle.
Patterns are copied on the inside surface of this cilynder.

Then we copy these patterns again.
The result is three cylinders on the right.
Patterns are copied on the outer surface.  They look gray in the picture.
No seam on the entire surface!

This way oce Mother is made, Mother copies are made, too,
resultiing in substantial cost decrease.

Now the present diameter is 120mm.
Please contact us for these molds. 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Features of Metal Belts

Features of Metal Belts

Today we review basic features of steel belts.
The chart below is  comparison with elastic plastic and rubber belts.

Here we find clearly standing features of metal belts.
These good things may help issues or problems when using plastic or rubber belts.

Of course we know that metal belts have also weak points like belt life and wear powders.

Steel Belt Features with Comparison with plastic and rubber belts
Steel Belt Features
Plastic and Rubber belt
Uniform thickness
Slightly inferior
Stabel Power Transmission
Stabel Power Transmission
Linear drive transmission, Improved positioning
Slightly bad
Reduction of workpiece charging
Heat Resistant
Slightly bad
Relatively small effect from heat
Slightly inferior

With thes advantages we'd like to challenge issues of our clients and users.
Please be free to send us your problems and questions