Friday, April 3, 2020

Remote Monitoring on Steel Belt Vacuum Conveyor

Remote Monitoring on Steel Belt Vacuum Conveyor 

In February this year, "Technical Show Yokohama 2020" was held at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall.
One of exhibitors, JSP Co., Ltd., introduced Dymco's suction conveyor.
The real suction conveyor was not in the booth, but in Dymco,  20 km away from this hall.

Before this exhibition JSP came to Dymco and set their remote communiction device upon our suction conveyor so that JSP can drive it in their booth.

JSP observed electric current by sensors.  Also the attched camera sent images how the conveyor was running.  They received all these info in their booth.

Especially they demonstrated an alarm function telling abnormal operation. 

Exhibition booth of JSP Co., Ltd.

Please look at the video below, showing vacuum transport of our steel belt conveyor with remote monitoring device set.

We will continue to examine failure prediction, safe operation, and such
so that our conveyors could provide safety and reliabity to our customers.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Low cost standard steel belt conveyor for your first trial

Low cost standard steel belt conveyor for your first trial

We have standard steel belt conveyors.
Especially the small one is the best for users, who use steel belts for the first time.

Steel belts are employed for particular reasons like clean room, hygiene food transport, heating and drying, and vacuum environment.

If you need to tackle contamination, particles, static electricity, vibration, very flat transport surface, we recommend to try this conveyor first for evaluation of effects with metal belts.
For the small size conveyor we offer the special price.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Polished Metal Sleeves

Polished Metal Sleeves

One of our product line up is thin wall metal sleeve.  Thickness 0.1 to 0.3mm.
We can polish its surface up to Rz 0.1μm and less, same as JIS-‘01.
Much higher value of Rz is OK.
Also surface roughness and waves can be discussed.
The picture below is a polishsed Nickel seamless sleeve.

Polished Nickel Seamless Sleeve
In this picture we can find dots of a surface stone plate,
but those dots are not reflected on the inner surface.
The outer surface is finer than the inner surface
Further polishing is possible on this outer surface.  We also polish stainless steel sleeves.
Our polishing range and specs are flexible.
For details please contact for detailas.
We can offer various levels of polishing including limited area of polishing. 

Friday, March 6, 2020

Best for Inspection - Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor and Vacuum conveyor

Best for Inspection - Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor and Vacuum conveyor

New coronavirus is getting serious here.
Although DYMCO is working as usual, schools are closed.
People's gatherings, events and business meetings are cancelled.
And now we know that virus inspection system is not sufficient here.
There are cases that people in need cannot apply inspection.
In the manufacturing industry, too, inspection is getting more important than ever to assure product quality.
Our metal belt conveyors are very good in 2 things when used for inspection.
1、Flat transport surface
Rigid metal belt convey things and yet serves flat transport surface.
Plastic and rubber belts cannot reach here.
2、Foils and films, very thin material is also transported in flat state.
Metal belt can hold air suction holes and realizes suction or vacuum transport.
Once film is placed on this belt, film does not move or fly away.
Its position on the belt is kept as it is and conveyed in flat state.
Tension is not applied either, so film is not stretched nor contracted.

For these reasons our customers adopt our metal belt conveyors for inspection.
Please contact



Thursday, February 27, 2020

100% Natural Power Pumice, Non Christal Silica Powders

100% Natural Power Pumice, Non Christal Silica Powders

DYMCO sells steel belts.
And one more thing.  It is Power Pumice, 100% natural silica powders.
We are Asian Representative of Hess Pumice Products, Inc. in Idaho in the U.S. and sell their natural pumice in Japan, China and other Asian countries.

Power Pumice is used as abrasives, paint filler, filtering media, etc.
Large powders are granular, small ones are fine powders.
These are mainly composed of a kind of silica.
Environmentally friendly powders are used in many ways in our daily lives.

Environmentaly Friendly Power Pumice

Powders are porous, excellent in "breathability" and "water absorption."
So they are suitable for horticultural soil and sands for pets.
We can magine that in the future pumice may serve best for hydroponics.
Hydroponics is expected to be tough against higher temperature by global warmng.
For details of Power Pumice, please contact  or

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Suction Transport Varietions: plastic cups transport, incline transport, etc.

Suction Transport Variations: plastic cups transport, incline transport, etc.

Our suction belt has tiny suction holes on metal belt surface.
Suction holes are all over the surface.
This is why you can transport objects at any spot on the belt,
you can make transport surface inclined, and
things does not fall even if inverted.
Plastic cups are suction-transported on the returning side.
Suction is working on both belt upper surface and returning surface.
Belt surface is inclined but papers are sucked and transported.
We accept our customer requests of suction transport tests ar Dymco.These tests and trials are done by the conveyor in pictures above.
If you are very far away from Japan, we may send a compact suction conveyor upon request.
For details please contact us at

Friday, February 14, 2020

Metal Belt Quality Control - Hole Pitch Measurement

 Metal Belt Quality Control - Hole Pitch Measurement

We do measurements using micrometer, calipers, pi tapes and such.
These acts sustain quality of our steel belts.

On some belts of
perforated ones we perform hole pitch measurements on micron order by 2D image measuring machine of the picture below.

 Metal Belt Hole-Pitch Mearuement Device

 Hole-Pitch Measurement Display
We keep the required quality by these measurement and inspection in each process.