Tuesday, June 19, 2018

BeforeThe 33nd Birthday of DYMCO

Hi, I'm Yamato of Generally Affaires Department of Dymco.
It's hard to believe that it's already June, time passes so fast.

Well, two months later will be our financial year end, at same month, 21st, is our 33nd establishment day too.

Including the Stainless-Steel Belt, Vacuum Steel Belt Convey, Double Steel Belts Heating Conveyor System, etc.  we are very pleased to receive lots of orders and inquiries from all the world.
Thank you for your business and your concerning.

We will continue to work on improving and developing our products at: Stainless-Steel Belt, Vacuum Steel Belt Convey, Double Steel Belts Heating Conveyor System, etc.

We will make further efforts in providing better belts and conveyor systems to go that extra step in future.

 Vacuum Steel Belt Conveyor

Double Steel Belts Heating Convor System

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Seamless cylindrical replica mold precisely duplicated from fine - shape master mold

In a field of producing UV/ heating imprint mold and various fine-pattern molds,
How the production of cylindrical master mold leads to shorten delivery time and reduce production costs is highly important issues to be considered.
Especially, industry where requires further miniaturization will have to find the solution for years to come.

We, Dymco, established precise replication technology, a mold called "seamless replica mold", to deal with the solution.

Simply explaining how the replica mold duplicates a mold, cylindrical master mold creates mother mold by electroforming its outer surface.

Then, its mother duplicates a replica by electroforming its inner surface.
Replica can be duplicated even if it requires fine-pattern shape within nano level.
The seamless replica mold effectively works for a situation that production cost is strictly limited.

It also leads to shorten your delivery-time and reduce your product costs.

Manifacturing process of a replica mold

Transferability of fine-pattern

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Seamless cylindrical replica mold precisely duplicated from fine - shape master mold

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pre-heat, Heat, Press, Rolling, Cooling, Forming, All In One Machine?

We have been focusing our effort on promoting Dymco’s double belt press machine, as we have been featuring this machine a lot in this blog.
Dymco’s double belt press features multi-functions in a compact body. Multiple processes done under one continuous line boosts cost-efficiency.

Dymco has several test conveyors. Customers are welcome to visit our laboratory and have a test on our test conveyors. Our operators can help and serve a better condition for the customer’s test.

However, our #1 double belt press conveyor had a limit in its capacity. A new model to cover #1’s flaws was anticipated for long time.
Finally, we have built up our brand new #2 double belt press conveyor and it is now ready for the customer’s test. Of course, #2 features a couple of long-awaited functions.

Pre-heat, heat, press, rolling, cooling, and forming. All these processes can be done continuously. A pre-heat and a cooling process is equipped to #2.
#2 also features a touch screen indicates its status and can be automatically controlled through the touch screen.

#2 Double Belt Press Conveyor

One of the major features of #2 is a roller mounted on before the press area.
In a process such like pressing and rolling out narrow objects wider, those objects do not stretch very quickly between the flat heat plates. Therefore, a conventional belt press conveyor had a limit to its speed.
#2 Double Belt Press improved this problem by installing a roller before the heat plate, which helps the objects stretch prior to the press. This is only our expectation and results depend on the material of the rolled object though. The curve of the roller is expected to help removing the air from laminated objects.

Structure of #2 Double Belt Press

Detailed structure around roller

We usually do not charge for the first test.
Please feel free to visit us and try our new double belt press machine.

We are looking forward to hearing an inquiry from you.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Metal Belt Application - New Model of Double Metal Belts Heat and Press

DYMCO is putting gear to offer metal belt solutions.  
We do not only produce metal belts but also suggest possibilities of metal belts to users.

We know the features of metal belts and how to drive them.

This knowledge and experience help customers when they face new handling technology for new material and products.

We have had benefits from the industry by providing metal belts and sleeves for 32 years and go into the 33rd fiscal year in 2 months.

We wish we could feed back our strength to the industry with our solutions.

The picture below, a brand new Double Belt Heat and Press, is our tool for creating solutions.

This laminates or form film-devices or ultra-thin battery material films.   

Black coated metal belt is 400mm wide, sized up from the 1st model of 150mm, enhancing experiment range 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Highly Frictional / Non-Slip/ High Endurance; The Metal Friction Pad

Hi, I’m Yanagi in Overseas Department.

It's getting warmer and warmer in Yokohama, no doubt summer is in the air.

Well, recently in Overseas Department, I had the opportunity to present Dymco's Friction Pad, so I would like to introduce its features and uses of the friction pad.

Firstly, the stainless-steel base of a friction pad is coated by heated and molten super-hard metal particles, thereby roughening the surface and increasing the friction coefficient.

In a way, it’s a metal version of sandpaper. Moreover, it can be processed on both sides.

For these reasons, the friction pads are mainly used as parts for fastening or slip prevention, in which metal is in contact with each other and is required to have high surface pressure and high friction coefficient.                                                                                                                       

The figures below may help you easy to understand the principle.

1.       Non-slip on the surface to be chucked


2.       High friction pulley


By inserting a thin high-friction friction pad into the chucking section etc. in this way, the stability and fastening power increase.

As a result, it is possible to reduce the size of the fastening bolt diameter or the number of fastening bolts.

The thickness can be manufactured from 0.2 mm or more.
It can also be used as end portion of small robot arm. It is used to catch the object tightly.

And it is also possible to manufacture the shape for customer’s needs or process to customer supplied parts.

If you are considering using the friction pad and any questions of the shape of your highly frictional parts, or cost reduction of fastening parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cyridical Seamless Replica Mold for the Nano-imprint Stamper

I have been always suffering from a seasonal allergy at this time of year, and I have been spending my days enduring my runny nose and itchy eyes again this year.
The forecast suggests that more pollen is observed this year than average.
The range of pollen's diameter is from 10μm to several dozen μm. It is so fine that they are invisible for human eyes, but, they are spread into the atmosphere.

By the way, we have been introducing this so frequently on our blogs these days though, Dymco is focusing on the production of replica molds for applications such as nanoimprint molds.

This replica mold suggests replacing an expensive master roll by a "disposable" replica which is precisely duplicated from a master mold. The master mold has engraved patterns on its surface. They are several μm to several tens μm deep and wide, which are invisible to human eyes just like the pollen. It is a new technology that can protect the master mold from consumption or damage.

A Sample of Replica Sleeve
The "disposalable" replica duplicated from the master mold

The shape of the master mold can be precisely duplicated. (seamless)
Instability in the quality of the mold can be reduced by duplicating from the best master mold.
The cost of duplication is reasonable compared to that of producing a new master mold - mass production is possible

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dymco’s Stainless Steel Belt Conveyors for Demonstrations

We have several demonstration conveyors open to customers’ test.
If you can bring your conveying object, we are happy to help you have a test on our conveyors.

Thankfully, we quite often receive an inquiry for our vacuum conveyor, and double belt heatpress conveyors these days.
It's been said that seeing is believing. Feel free to come and visit us together with your conveying object, and, see how our conveyor works through a test.

The video of Dymco's stainless steel vacuum conveyor

The video of Dymco's double belt heat press conveyor

About  our double belt heat press conveyors, the 2nd demonstration conveyor of  is ready, besides the 1st conveyor.
Our 2nd conveyor has 400mm wide belt, and the pressure is up to 3000kgf.
To respond the customers’ frequent request, the cooling function is also available on the 2nd double belt heat press.

Of course, we have demonstration machines of our regular stainless steel belt conveyors for general transporting use.

DYMCO, LTD. URL: http://www.steelbelt.jp