Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Aug. 16, 2017 Metal Flexible Roll and Air Roll

There are 3 types of metal flexible rolls:
Air Pressure Type,
Coolant Circulation Type, and
Air Pressure Type with Backup Rubber

These are all Dymco original.
Either of them works with the metal solid roll.
Melted plastic material goes down from T dai and falls between the metal flexible roll and the metal solid roll.
Then, plastic material is pressed by the nipping surface created by this flexible roll.
Due to the flexible roll the nipping surface is created.
If two rolls are both solid metal rolls, they make line touch only, not nipping surface.

Air Pressure Type is made by the outer thin metal sleeve, one shaft and sides.  As air exists between the outer sleeve and a shaft, this roll is very ligh and gives moderate presure on films.

The outer sleeve is Nickel.  We find little defects on its surface and its hardness is higher than the ones in this industry.

Structure of Air Pressure Type Flexible Roll



Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Aug. 9, 2017 Fine Patterned NIckel Welded sleeve for the Nano-Imprinting and the Fine Pattern Imprinting.

In the field of the fine patterning process, the patterns of nano or submicron- order are often imprinted to substrates such as plastic films and sheet-type materials. The imprinted patterns give the substrates a certain feature or function. Those processes are done by the roll-to-roll process.

In those process, a pair of rolls is usually adopted; one roll that works as the imprint mold presses the other one. the substrates are pressed between the two rolls.
In the most cases, the patterns are directly engraved on the surface of a solid roll.

However, when it comes to the nano-order pattern where the patterns are ultrafine and complicated, it is hard to form the nano-order patterns directly on the surface of a solid roll.

To solve this, Dymco suggests to apply a manufacturing process of semiconductors.
First method is to attach a fine patterned sheet to the solid roll.  This sheet is electroformed Nickel.
Second methods is to weld several electroformed patterned Nickel plates to make them one endless sleeve.  Then a solid roll is inserted in this sleeve.
The patterned endless sleeve needs to be replaced by new one as it gets damaged (ex;deformation of the shape, the dirt on the surface)
So, the sleeve has to be easily attached and detached from the solid roll.   Additionally, the sleeve is required to fit tight and not to slip on the roll.

Therefore, Dymco designs and offers the solid rolls that fit tight with the sleeves, too.  This way the sleeve is easily detached and attached to the solid roll.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our solid rolls.

Of course, Dymco is a stainless steel belt manufacturer.
But we are also capable of welding Nickel-electroformed patterned plates.
If you are interested in welding Ni-electroformed plates, contact us, too.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Aug. 2, 2017 “All stainless steel conveyor ” specialised in Hygiene, Easy handling, Heat resistance and Chemical resistance

This blog is to introduce "All stainless steel conveyor."  
'All stainless steel'  means both belt and frame are made of stainless steel.

This was produced primarily for the food industry and aims at security and safety, such as "hygiene" and "easy handling".

Like the conveyor frame, the belt is made from stainless steel.  So the belt is strong against rust.
In addition, since the stainless steel belt has very smooth surface,  it is quite easy to remove residues by water cleaning. And it is not necessary, either, to soak the belt in cleaning liquid or dry it.  In this easy maintenance the metal belt is superior to plastic belts.  
In addition to that, the conveyor body is polished to prevent adhesion of residues.

When exchanging the belt with the new one, you can remove only the belt.  You do not have to take off other parts from the conveyor body.

We will keep continuing to introduce products of us that meet the needs of our customers.
Converyor belt and frames are all stainless steel


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 26, 2017 Steel Belt Maker DYMCO, 32nd Anniversay

Here is message from Tetsuo Taga, the president of DYMCO /a steel belt manufacturer:

On June 21 this year, we celebrated our 32nd anniversary of establishment. We appreciate all of you who helped us in many ways. Please accept my thank-you to all of you again.

To change the subject, Japan suffers quite a few natural disaster from year to year in this summer season. This year, it is likely that heat waves and heavy precipitation will continue to become more frequent. I become aware of global warming is escalating every year. Unfortunately, the US president Mr.Trump declared withdrawal from Paris Agreement, however, world-famous corporations like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft announced that “we are still in”, criticizing the president. I hope the world will proceed to control the global warming problem in unison.

Concerning world political situation, the number of terrorist attack has increased significantly in spite of people’s anticipation that IS will be destroyed in near future.  Terrible news of terrorist attack hurts my feeling deeply.

I wish a better world to come conquering the racial and religious prejudice.

To talk about technological innovation, there have been significant computer developments during last three decade. The application of IT technology like automated driving system, AI speaker will be contributing to the modernization of our life style.

Learning the new technology to cope with changing situation is essential attitude for us.

Let me announce DYMCO’s principle that an ordinary task shall be carried through to the final end. Having this in mind, customer satisfaction is our utmost sense of value.

I wish our service and products will contribute to your success.

Thank you.



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017 How To Get a Dymco's Steel Belt Conveyor in Some Affordable Price

Summer has come!
What would you do on your summer holidays?
Some of our members goes out for fishing on a holiday.  
Sometimes it ends up without catching any fish though.
On that unlucky day, it might be good to forget about the fishing,
and take a lunch break at a local food place nearby with the affordable price.
It’s another fun for a holiday.

Today, we introduce our regular steel belt conveyor that we are offering in some affordable price.
This would be a good choice for the first time users, or the users with the limited budget.
This is reasonable because we do not make custome design each time.  The structure is established and you can choose belt width, belt length, belt speed, etc.
Stainless Steel Belt Regular Conveyor
Please refer to the drawing at
Quotation request;


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12, 2017 Scalar Type Robot Arm Drive Metal Belt

Stainless steel belts are capable to work under special environment.  This is one of features of metal belts that is not obtained by plastic or rubber belts.
Below are examples how metal belts solve problems of rubber and plastic timing belts.
(1)Elongation at driving, stop, and by high torque
  (3)Spetial environment like clean rooms and under vaccum
Steel belt application in scalar robots

Dymco presents caliculation result to jeduge steel belts can endure stress in the customer-designed environment.
Please email layout and motion pattenrns.
Then we reply to  you what kind of belt fits best your application.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 5, 2017 New Elastic Metal Roll

This is to introduce our new elastic metal roll for production of R2R functional plymer films in FPD, battery, and a barrier film market.
New Elastic Metal Roll
For these 10 years Dymco has sold elatic metal rolls, named Air Roll.
Roll surface is metal, yet the roll holds compressed air in its inner body, so it is elastic.  It recieves pressure pressed from the other roll and  its pressured was limited. 
These days inquiries have increased to request rollers that are capable to accept more pressure.
Of course we know that some metal rolls have rubber on its back and receive more pressure.  However, rubber can hardly follow movement and deformatin of the outside metal roll.
We have solved this issue and our first tests show satisfactory results.
We are capable to respond wider ressure range with this new type of air roll.