Monday, January 7, 2019

New Year message from Tetsuo Taga, the president of Dymco, a steel belt supplier

New Year message from Tetsuo Taga, the president of Dymco, a steel belt supplier

Happy New Year !
Since Dymco established 32 years ago in the year of the Japanese calendar Showa 61 (1986), we have experienced fluctuating economic condition. However, we had good business performance last year (Heisei 30) thanks to all the people who supported Dymco in various opportunity.
In the year of Heisei 1 (1989), consumption tax 3 % was enforced, and consumption tax 10 % is anticipated this year.

The year of Kanji (Chinese character) in 2018 was “WAZAWAI” meaning misfortune. Series of typhoon, heavy rain, and flood have hit the Japanese Archipelago last year. It is crucial for a business administrator how to steer the company in dramatically changing economic climate. Heisei will terminate, and the new era name will be announced in May this year. 

Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic is coming in 2020. Seeing those events, I made a resolution to behave myself like a strong leader.
Let me present 10 maxims of self-reproach I found last year at Zenko-ji temple in Nagano City. 

/ When a man thinks himself as a cultivated person,
/ When a man thinks himself as a man being polite,
/ When a man thinks himself as an intelligent person,
/ When a man thinks himself as a man of no desire,
/ When a man thinks himself as a man having human touch,
/ When a man thinks himself as a man not being brazen,
/ When a man thinks himself as a man of spirit,
/ When a man thinks himself as a man of cooperativeness,
/ When a man thinks himself as a man of good sense,
//the man is under the illusion that it is true.
/Intending minimum wastefulness turn to be maximum waste.

These phrases sank into my heart.
May the new year bring you happiness!

New Year’s Day

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dymco is exhibiting at ”Converting Technology Exhibition 2019”

Dymco is exhibiting at a trade show” Converting Technology Exhibition 2019” in coming January.
This is Dymco’s 3rd participation to the show and we are displaying our latest products/technologies to support functional films production.

This year, Dymco 's booth features Ni welded stamper mold.

- Precisely cut out the patterned areas-

- Tiring weld in a grid pattern-

- Weld into an endless cylinder-

We can show you more at the venue…

-About the show-
Converting Technology Exhibition 2019
Date: Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, 2019
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Hall East
Open: 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Dymco’s Booth: 2R-04 (Materials zone)
Exhibit Booth: Next-generation Monozukuri Zone

We are looking forward to seeing you at the show. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Heat and Cool, Heat after Cool. Heating and Cooling Double Steel Belt Press Conveyor

It is getting colder in Yokohama, although it was very warm in November and the early December.
The old Chinese people divided one year into 24 seasons.
December 7th was the beginning of the 24th season, very cold winter days.
But now we have air conditioners and other tools to live in comfort.

Among many conveyor types we have, Double Steel Belt Heat and Press Conveyor ranks the 1st or the second.
This machine was fairly large, for example pulley diameter was nearly 1 meter.
But Dymco came into this market with thinner belts and compact machines.
Ours is light and no need to prepare for a big space.
Please look at the picture below.  This has many functions.

Double Belt Heat Press Conveyor: Heat and Cool Type
Functions are
(1) Automatic Tracking
(2) Automatic Management of Clearance between the 2 belts
(3) Automatic Setting of Pressure
(4) Heating Control
(5) Cooling System
(6) Control of Belt Speed, and so forth.

Functions of (4) and (5) enables Heat and Cool or Cool after Heat.
The very important thing here is that steel belts are a key.

Let's look at how the work goes through this system.
Structure of Double Steel Belt Heat Pres System

First on the left the blue work is pre-heated.
Plastics, for example, is softened here.
It further goes into the heating area and it becomes lower and narrower.
It finally reaches the required thickness by pressing.

The work is kept heated and pressurized and goes into the cooling zone.
The work is hardened and formed as expected.

You know the word 'springback?  
Material, in general, inflates and deforms when it is released from pressure after being heated.
But our system avoids springback ! and makes the expected size and shape.

We also study adequate cooling so that springin does not take place in excessive cooling.

The picture below focus on passing from the red heating section to the blue cooling section.
This is a key in forming.

Heating to Cooling in Double Steel Belt System

This way our system is multi-functions.
Please utilize our system for your development and research.

If you have a chance to make the new system, you can choose combination of pressing blocks.

Combination 1.  Heat and Cool Press, like the conventional

Combination 2. Heat and High-Heat Heavy Press
                          After heating follows heating with higher temperature and pressure

Combination 3. Heat and Press

Combination 4. Cool and Press, for material already heated in a kneader, for example

Enjoy lab works with Double Steel Belt Heat and Press System.