Friday, July 13, 2018

Using Stainless steel belt in vacuum atmosphere for transfer and drive

Which kind of material of drive belts or  conveyor’s when used it in the vacuum environment is always a issue.

Compared with normal atmosphere , the vacuum environment have these characteristic list as below
  • the lower pressure
  • more collision of gas molecules
  • oxygenized difficult
  • hard to cooling down
  • the boiling point is lower
  • hard to transaction the electricity

Due to  these features,  the vacuum atmosphere are wildly used in a number of applications, first of Freezing Dry of coffee beans, LCD, Solar Batteries, Blade Processing, Vapor depositing, sputtering working process and etc.

It is necessary to move or transportation workpieces in the vacuum chamber.
For drive belts and transportation belts, why we should choose stainless steel belts but not resin belts or plastic belts?

Here are the reasons
  • Dense oxide layer makes less gas adsorption
  • Almost no release of outgas like rubber and plastics, help maintains negative pressure
  • The lubricating oil is not needed since the metal belt moves in the friction conduction
  • Since less dusting than rubber belt or a resin belt, stainless steel belt is hardly contaminate the inside of the chamber
  • Stainless steel belt has to demonstrate the performance especially under high vacuum environment


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

System to Reproduce Metal Sleeve Pattern Transfer Mold

We are getting more orders of fine-patterned rolls.
  Roll surface is thin metal sleeve, Nickel or stainless steel.
  This surface sleeve is very thin,  0.05 to 0.3mm thick.
  This sleeve is polished first and patterns are engraved.

Three different fine patterns are engraved on a thin sleeve

Mater mold is necessary for pattern transfer in volume production.
This master is cylindrical and fine patterns on it surface.
These patterns are made mechanically, spending a very long time.
Hence this master is quite expensive.

If this master is used in volume production, we need many masters as these patterns are worn out.
But this results in huge cost when we think of a master fee only.

Dymco has developed a method to reproduce original patterns by plating, not mechanical reproduction.  This brings significant cost reduction.

Enlarged view of one fine pattern

This photo is just an example.
We are making finer patterns now.

Then how do we reproduce patterns by plating?

We make Mother Sleeve.
Mother Sleeve goes to Master Mold and covers it.
Master's patterns are transferred by plating to the inside wall of Mother.
Mother with patterns inside is removed out of Master.
We have our original unit to take out Mother from Master.

We prepare for another sleeve.  This is called Replica Mold, finally.
But here it is just plain sleeve without any patterns.
We cover Replica Mold with Mother and make plating.
Mother's inside patterns are transferred to the outside wall of Replica Sleeve.
Mother is removed from Replica, again by our original unit.
Finally we have Replica Sleeve with fine patterns of Master Mold.

This way Replica Sleeves are reproduced from Mother many times,
which makes big difference in cost, when compared with making many Masters by mechanical engraving.  
Lead time is also shortened.

Replica sleeves are press fit into the roll axis in production lines.
We also have this press-fitting technology and get an order for this process, too.

Please send your inquiries on our molds for test proposes or volume production.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Dymco's New Double Press Machine for labo use (Unit2)

At the moment, we have Double Belt Press test machine Unit #1(small machine), which is equipped with 2 stainless steel belts top and bottom to press and heat the object.
In order to respond the needs the market has,  New Double Press test machine(Unit #2) was installed by Dymco the other day.
The new machine is capable of processing wider object compared to the old test machine(unit 1).Besides, it adapted a couple of new functions.
Its information can be seen on our web site.

The main feature of the New double press test machine is to extend the belt width size to 400 width,  the maximum pressure up to 3ton, arbitrary setting of upper and lower clearance, preheating, heating and cooling.
The temperature distribution is displayed on the monitor by each zone, and the belt tracking control  system is installed.

Based on the experience gained from the Unit #1,
the new machine is improved in various apects such as the availability of wider object size and various data displayed on the touch-panel.

Let us introduce the apperance of the new double press machine here.


If you have any further questions, please contact us here.

In order to respond your needs, dymco is making the best effort to develop our service.
For your visting, we have many kind of machines for lab use available such as "Vaccum conveyor", "Double press conveyor"  and "Standard belt conveyor".

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment and inquiry.
Your inqury or any interst in the new machine will be highly appriciated!


Friday, June 22, 2018

Dymco Manufactured Metal Sleeves from 64 Titanium

Hello, I'm Aoi from Dymco’s R&D department.
Today, I would like to talk about 64 Titanium.

64 TitaniumTi-6Al-4Vis a Titanium-based alloy consists of 6% Aluminum, 4% Vanadium, and forms alpha and beta metal structurer.

64 Titanium features high-strength and light-weight. Its specific strength (tensile strength/ weight) is remarkably high; it shows as high tensile-strength as stainless-steel while its weight is only 40% of stainless-steel.  

64 Titanium are also known for highly resistant to corrosion by sea water or acid at room temperature. This is because when 64 Titanium is exposed to oxygen in the air, it forms a very strong oxide (so called the passive oxide film) on its surface.

Using these advantages, 64 Titanium are used in wide rage of industrial field, such as aero planes, medicine, chemical plants, and sports equipment.

Titanium holds 39% in entire weight in a F-22 Fighter. 

This time we focused on hard-to-process materials and manufactured high-strength/ corrosion resistant 64 Titanium sleeves. These metal sleeves are manufactured by our flow-forming machine.

The metal sleeves made of Titanium

(diameter: 70mm, length: 50mm, thickness: 0.1mm)

Dymco’s R&D department have been working hard on further development of our metal belt and metal sleeve technology, to deliver our customers more satisfaction.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

BeforeThe 33nd Birthday of DYMCO

Hi, I'm Yamato of Generally Affaires Department of Dymco.
It's hard to believe that it's already June, time passes so fast.

Well, two months later will be our financial year end, at same month, 21st, is our 33nd establishment day too.

Including the Stainless-Steel Belt, Vacuum Steel Belt Convey, Double Steel Belts Heating Conveyor System, etc.  we are very pleased to receive lots of orders and inquiries from all the world.
Thank you for your business and your concerning.

We will continue to work on improving and developing our products at: Stainless-Steel Belt, Vacuum Steel Belt Convey, Double Steel Belts Heating Conveyor System, etc.

We will make further efforts in providing better belts and conveyor systems to go that extra step in future.

 Vacuum Steel Belt Conveyor

Double Steel Belts Heating Convor System

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Seamless cylindrical replica mold precisely duplicated from fine - shape master mold

In a field of producing UV/ heating imprint mold and various fine-pattern molds,
How the production of cylindrical master mold leads to shorten delivery time and reduce production costs is highly important issues to be considered.
Especially, industry where requires further miniaturization will have to find the solution for years to come.

We, Dymco, established precise replication technology, a mold called "seamless replica mold", to deal with the solution.

Simply explaining how the replica mold duplicates a mold, cylindrical master mold creates mother mold by electroforming its outer surface.

Then, its mother duplicates a replica by electroforming its inner surface.
Replica can be duplicated even if it requires fine-pattern shape within nano level.
The seamless replica mold effectively works for a situation that production cost is strictly limited.

It also leads to shorten your delivery-time and reduce your product costs.

Manifacturing process of a replica mold

Transferability of fine-pattern

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Seamless cylindrical replica mold precisely duplicated from fine - shape master mold

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pre-heat, Heat, Press, Rolling, Cooling, Forming, All In One Machine?

We have been focusing our effort on promoting Dymco’s double belt press machine, as we have been featuring this machine a lot in this blog.
Dymco’s double belt press features multi-functions in a compact body. Multiple processes done under one continuous line boosts cost-efficiency.

Dymco has several test conveyors. Customers are welcome to visit our laboratory and have a test on our test conveyors. Our operators can help and serve a better condition for the customer’s test.

However, our #1 double belt press conveyor had a limit in its capacity. A new model to cover #1’s flaws was anticipated for long time.
Finally, we have built up our brand new #2 double belt press conveyor and it is now ready for the customer’s test. Of course, #2 features a couple of long-awaited functions.

Pre-heat, heat, press, rolling, cooling, and forming. All these processes can be done continuously. A pre-heat and a cooling process is equipped to #2.
#2 also features a touch screen indicates its status and can be automatically controlled through the touch screen.

#2 Double Belt Press Conveyor

One of the major features of #2 is a roller mounted on before the press area.
In a process such like pressing and rolling out narrow objects wider, those objects do not stretch very quickly between the flat heat plates. Therefore, a conventional belt press conveyor had a limit to its speed.
#2 Double Belt Press improved this problem by installing a roller before the heat plate, which helps the objects stretch prior to the press. This is only our expectation and results depend on the material of the rolled object though. The curve of the roller is expected to help removing the air from laminated objects.

Structure of #2 Double Belt Press

Detailed structure around roller

We usually do not charge for the first test.
Please feel free to visit us and try our new double belt press machine.

We are looking forward to hearing an inquiry from you.