Friday, July 27, 2018

Message from Tetsuo Taga, the president of DYMCO /a steel belt supplier

Time flies.

On June 21 this year, we celebrated our 33th anniversary of company foundation.

We appreciate all of you who helped us in many ways. Please accept my thank-you to all of you again.

To change the subject, western part of Japan suffered record-breaking torrential rain influenced by seasonal rain front with more than 200 death toll and great many missing.

I feel strong grief at the news of disaster victims and disaster area. I wonder to myself how we can contribute help to those suffered from natural disaster. I believe that right belief, right conduct, fair trade, and honest tax payment must be ultimate company motto.

Looking back on 2018 World Cup in Russia, France won the championship. The Japan national football team won the 3-2 victory over Colombia in the first game. The team had advanced to final round tournament after succeeding breathtaking 2nd and 3rd games.

The first match in the final round was Japan vs Belgium. To talk about Belgium, the main building of the Bank of Japan had modeled after Belgian central bank in neo-baroque architecture style back in Meiji era. The game was impressive in progress adding new page in the history of both countries. When Japan led the game by a score of 2-0, every supporter must have dreamed of proceeding to the position of best 8, however, the dream flew away fleetingly. None the less, we are moved with a good fight against a grand champion class team, and we are grateful to the Japan national football team for giving us such a nice moment. The fighting spirit shown in the game gave us a good suggestion in dealing with company management. I have satisfaction from the events despite lack of sleep. DYMCO must learn from the athlete’s refreshing attitude toward the upcoming challenge.

Entering new financial term, I wish our service and products will contribute to your success.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Environment Management System

Here in Yokohama, summer has begun.  The rainy season was short.
This summer is very hot, marking the record high temperature everyday in many places in our country.

The air conditioner is in full swing in our office.
It is hard to find the right temperature to get everyone satisfied in the office.
Some feel hot and some others feel cold.

However, when we think of our globe, we should be keen not to waste natural resources.

Dymco makes clear that we develop technologies to preserve natural resources and contribute to this world.

Now we are working hard to establish Environment Management System to acquire ISO14001.

                                       Recyclable and Evironmentally Friendly Steel Belt

We make steel belts taking care of our environment.


Friday, July 20, 2018

RSC Conveyor (Steel belt standard-type conveyor; RSC020-90 series)

I am Nagaya working in Sales department.

Today, let us introduce our steel belt standard conveyor called "RSC(stands for Regular Steel Conveyor)" or more specifically RSC020-90 Series.
RSC020-90 Series is equipped  with a stainless steel belt which is 0.2mm in thickness and its pully diameter is φ90mm.
RSC020-90 Series is mostly capable of  transporting the object of from several KG to dozens of KG.
Hence, RSC020-90 Series  is categorized as a middle-size conveyor.
Moreover, it is popular among many users.

Taking an advantage of a stainless steel belt, the main application of this stainless steel belt conveyor is to transport a hot metal object made by casting and forging and to cool down a resin pushed out from extruders.

The width of steel belt available for RSC020-90 Series are 150mm, 200mm and 300mm.
The distance between its pullies is preferably less than 3000mm.
It is also possible for you to customize the distance of 1mm increment if it is less than 3000mm.
Ex: 2999mm, 1978mm.

We also have experience of customizing more than 300mm in belt width and 3000mm in pulley distance for RSC020-90 Series as custom-made.

Regular stainless steel belt conveyor: RSC020-90

Even if you look for  the outsize of standard specifications, we are looking forwards to hearing from you.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Using Stainless steel belt in vacuum atmosphere for transfer and drive

Which kind of material of drive belts or  conveyor’s when used it in the vacuum environment is always a issue.

Compared with normal atmosphere , the vacuum environment have these characteristic list as below
  • the lower pressure
  • more collision of gas molecules
  • oxygenized difficult
  • hard to cooling down
  • the boiling point is lower
  • hard to transaction the electricity

Due to  these features,  the vacuum atmosphere are wildly used in a number of applications, first of Freezing Dry of coffee beans, LCD, Solar Batteries, Blade Processing, Vapor depositing, sputtering working process and etc.

It is necessary to move or transportation workpieces in the vacuum chamber.
For drive belts and transportation belts, why we should choose stainless steel belts but not resin belts or plastic belts?

Here are the reasons
  • Dense oxide layer makes less gas adsorption
  • Almost no release of outgas like rubber and plastics, help maintains negative pressure
  • The lubricating oil is not needed since the metal belt moves in the friction conduction
  • Since less dusting than rubber belt or a resin belt, stainless steel belt is hardly contaminate the inside of the chamber
  • Stainless steel belt has to demonstrate the performance especially under high vacuum environment


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

System to Reproduce Metal Sleeve Pattern Transfer Mold

We are getting more orders of fine-patterned rolls.
  Roll surface is thin metal sleeve, Nickel or stainless steel.
  This surface sleeve is very thin,  0.05 to 0.3mm thick.
  This sleeve is polished first and patterns are engraved.

Three different fine patterns are engraved on a thin sleeve

Mater mold is necessary for pattern transfer in volume production.
This master is cylindrical and fine patterns on it surface.
These patterns are made mechanically, spending a very long time.
Hence this master is quite expensive.

If this master is used in volume production, we need many masters as these patterns are worn out.
But this results in huge cost when we think of a master fee only.

Dymco has developed a method to reproduce original patterns by plating, not mechanical reproduction.  This brings significant cost reduction.

Enlarged view of one fine pattern

This photo is just an example.
We are making finer patterns now.

Then how do we reproduce patterns by plating?

We make Mother Sleeve.
Mother Sleeve goes to Master Mold and covers it.
Master's patterns are transferred by plating to the inside wall of Mother.
Mother with patterns inside is removed out of Master.
We have our original unit to take out Mother from Master.

We prepare for another sleeve.  This is called Replica Mold, finally.
But here it is just plain sleeve without any patterns.
We cover Replica Mold with Mother and make plating.
Mother's inside patterns are transferred to the outside wall of Replica Sleeve.
Mother is removed from Replica, again by our original unit.
Finally we have Replica Sleeve with fine patterns of Master Mold.

This way Replica Sleeves are reproduced from Mother many times,
which makes big difference in cost, when compared with making many Masters by mechanical engraving.  
Lead time is also shortened.

Replica sleeves are press fit into the roll axis in production lines.
We also have this press-fitting technology and get an order for this process, too.

Please send your inquiries on our molds for test proposes or volume production.