Friday, July 8, 2016

Traial of Invar Belt, Low-Heat-Expansion-Ratio Metal Belt

Invar is a kind of Nickel alloy and its heat expansion ratio is remarkably low.
Comapare with steel, it is below one tenth and with SUS 304, it is on 17th.
The name 'invar' comes from 'invariable.'
This great feature was discovered by Switzland physician in 1897.
It was found then that the lowest heat expantion is realized when steel includes 36% of Nickel.
Expansion ratio depending on Nickel percentage
(X: Nickel Percentage in Nickel steel, Y: Expansion Ratio)
So far flatness has been evaluated as features of metal belts and belts have been used in a wide range of industries such as chemical, food, medical, semi-doncuctors, printing, automobiles and plastics.  And we see increase of particular requests on flatness in heat environment like 200 to 300 degrees.  In such heat conditions, low heat expansion belt material like this invar is quite important. 


Invar Welded Sleeve
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