Friday, December 29, 2017

Stage Lifting Stainless Steel Belt Dec. 29, 2017

Stage Lifting Stainless Steel Belt
Hanging, Lifting, Winding Up and Down
Our stainless steel belts are used for lifinting and lowering stages and tables.
Guess a stage is square.  Eash of 4 corners are hung by stainless steel belts like the picture below.
These belts  are wound around pulleys.  They are wound up, then the stage goes up.

Why do customers choose our belts for this function?

◇ Positioning is easy for belt elongation is limited. 

◇ Belts are thin and flat in  all the length.  Belts are wound smooth and wrapped compact around pulleys.
◇ Look at 4 wire ropes lifting up and down one stage.
     They are not wound neat and equal.  So when 4 pulleys rotate one time and wind them up, lifted distance is different in each wire.  This distance is almost equal in stainless steel belts.
◇ No oil, no lubicants in winding stainless steel belts.  Now worry about oil droplets.
◇ The winding diameter can be made smaller than wire ropes.
These advantages help our customers.
4 Stainless Steel Belts are wound up and down and the stage goes up and down. 

Please let us know layout in your inquiry.
  We are very glad to present calculation and suggest belt specifications.
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Friday, December 22, 2017

Fine-Patterned Replica Sleeved for Repeated Film Transfer Dec. 22, 2017

Recently, fine pattern processing and micron size pattern processing have been applied to the surface of plastic films.   These patterns result in unique functions in films.  Plastic films with these new useful functions are found in many fields.
These films are made by patterned master rolls.  Master rolls are pressed on films and uniques patterns are made on film surface.
Paterns on master rolls are made mechanichally.  They are so fine that this processing is quite expensive.

When this roll is used in mass production, abrasion is found on the master roll surface due to repeated use.  Then the master roll has to be made again.   It leads to the soaring roll cost.  
For this reason, there is for Film Transferin the film market on the cost effective master proessing.

▲Fine seamless pattern belt
We, Dymco, found out this cost-effective manufacturing process.

The outline of the process is like this:

1. The Master Roll
The pattern of the master roll is confidential matter for almost all users and quite expensive, in most cases the original master roll is supplied to Dymco from customers.  However, if we are asked, we can make patterns, too.

2.  The Mother Sleeve
Nickel plating (electroforming) is performed on the surface of the master roll.  This outer plated area is 'mother sleeve'.   Thickness of this mother sleeve is 0.1 to 0.3mm.

3.  Separation of the 'Mother Sleeve' from the Master Roll
The electroformed mother sleeve fits perfectly the master roll and those two are completely united. They are separated by Dymco' original separator unit.

4.  The Master Roll
The master roll remains.  It is stored with care until we make mother sleeve again. 

5.  Creation of Replica Sleeve
The separated mother sleeve, its inside is covered patterns made by electroforming.
Then we do electroforming once again in the inner surface with our original unit.
The outer surface is the mother sleeve and its inside is another sleeve, we call 'replica sleeve.'

6.  Separation of the Replics Sleeve from the  Mother Sleeve 
They fit each other.  They are separated by our another original separator.

Surface of this replica sleeve is just like the mother roll surface patterns.
Similarity of the two patterns is "sub μ " level.

7.  Application of Replica Sleeves to Mass Production Facility
The replica sleeve is attached to the main roll in the production facility.  
Then there appears patterns on the main roll.

This attachment on the main roll is possible if we add a little process on the main roll.    

8.  A certain number of replica sleeves are produced and stored.  One replica sleeve comes to the end of life, this replica is replaced by another replica.  This way the master roll is saved from abrasion.

The process to make replica sleeves is quite long and complicated . 
We do have lots of discussions with customers. 

DYMCO Major Products: Steel Belts   Metal Belts   Stainless Steel Belts   Steel Belt Conveyor  
Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor   Food Conveyor   Metal Sleeve  Positioning Conveyor  High tensile Stainless Steel Belts    

Major Applications:  Suction Transport   Transport in Clean Rooms   Electronic Parts Transport   Food Transport   Power Transmission

Friday, December 15, 2017

Our Stainless Steel Belt and Environmental Policy Dec. 15, 2017

Last week, I watched a documentary program titled” the No-emission Revolution – A new trend rules the Global business-“. It shocked me. No-emission of CO2 is now a very common goal for a company in the world of global business!

Dymco practises our environmental policy at the very daily level. We turn light in the office off during the lunch break. We use Eco-friendly materials for the packaging of our products.

Recently, quite a few customers ask us about safety or chemical components of our stainless steel belts. We check them carefully on each production process.

Additionally, since stainless steel belts are made of metal, our stainless steel belts have a good resistivity to heat, chemicals, corrosion. Therefore, Dymco’s stainless belts are used in conveyors transport certain kinds of substances come out from recycled electric appliances.

No-emission of CO2 is the key to success in the global market.


DYMCO Major Products: Steel Belts   Metal Belts   Stainless Steel Belts   Steel Belt Conveyor  
Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor   Food Conveyor   Metal Sleeve  Positioning Conveyor  High tensile Stainless Steel Belts    

Major Applications:  Suction Transport   Transport in Clean Rooms   Electronic Parts Transport   Food Transport   Power Transmission


Friday, December 8, 2017

Metal Belt Conveyor Lab Remodeled Dec. 8, 2017

On Oct 20, we moved up to the 3rd floor of the same buidling and added more space for metal belt meetings, labs, and other activities.

Espetially one more lab is increased for another set of double metal belt conveyor comes in April next year.  This is exactly lab use and we can further watch effects of pressure, heat and speed on the work.

We welcome you to our new office and metal-belt labs.


Monday, December 4, 2017

The Metal Belt Suction Conveyor Dec.04, 2017

Time flies!  We have only one month left for the next year.
We'd like to express many thanks to your iquiries this year.

Especially, we have received many contacts regarding our vacuum metal belt conveyor .

There are fine holes on the metal suction belt.
The vacuum conveyor sucks air through these holes, then holds and transports the object on its metal belt.

As fine holes are all over the suction area, the metal belt sucks the entire object.
Thre is not found any noticeable sagging and wrinkles while the object is transported. 

If you are interested in trial for the vacuum conveyor,
please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are very pleased to talk with you.

                                                               the metal belt vacuum conveyor


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Vase Made from Kovar, Hard-to-Work Materials Nov. 28, 2017

Kovar is metal.  Nickel and cobalt are contained in iron.
Compared with other metals, thermal expansion of Kovar is quite low at around room temperature.
And its thermal expansion coefficient characteristics is close to that of glass. 
So it is used for hard glass sealing or IC lead frame.

Chemical Composition:  Ni 29%  Co 17%  Si 0.2%  Mn 0.3%  Fe 54%
Thermal expansion coefficient:  5.2 × 10 -6 / K (25-200 ° C.)

Kovar is very sticky and of low thermal conductivity.
Yet it is difficult to process and cut.
But we challenged process of Kovar using Dymco original rotary plastic processing machine  (Flow Forming Machine), and we made a low thermal expansion "vase".

Kovar made pot,  Diameter φ 200mm Depth 200mm  Thickness 0.2mm

It is fun to challenge hard process with our flow forming technology.
That way we develop our skills to answer news needs and requests fro our customers.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Stainless steel belt conveyer with belt wiper Nov. 22, 2017

We visited two food marcinery trade shows this year.

The one was "International Food Marcinery & Technology Exhibition" held in June.
The other one was held in September in Chicago, which is called "Process Expo".

We found it is extremely difficult to scrape with belt wipers sticky things stuck on plastic and rubber belts .  They are not removed completely and there are left-overs on the belt.  These sticky things include mashed potatoes, bread daugh, etc.
Although food safety is focused in every country now, these left-overs are a hygienic problem from steel belt maker's viewpoint.

In the United States, there are also plastic and rubber belts that transport food like fat-contained hamburger steak and confectionery paste. It seems the US food producers are also suffering from "Scraping sticky materials". 
As I looked at the show in Japan,  manufacutuers also seem to face  a serious problem of residue on belts such as powder and seasoning drops. 

Rubber, resin and mesh belts, it takes huge amount of time and work to constantly remove these residues and make them clean every day.

Also bacteria frows and smell reamins on these belts. 
It is a pity that many food manufacturers do not know stainless steel belts. Dymco has a food conveyor in our product lineup.
The belt here is tensile stainless steel and provides flat transport bed.
Yet plastic safety wiper (scraper) is available as below.

This perfectly fits the flat belt surface and removes everything off the belt.

←Wiper here

Easy maintenance is another feature.
The driven pully is easy hung up and the belts becomes loose.
Then washing is quite easy and the belt is exchanged in a shot time.
Video and spec on this page:


Friday, November 17, 2017

Dymco's Product List Nov. 15, 2017

Hello, today we would like to talk about Dymco’s website.

You can find all the products of Dymco on the “product” page
Please click “product list” on the left on the top page.

The following is the product list.
If you are interested in any of them, please click it. Then, you can see the detailed information of each product.

But, some of you may want to see all of them at once. So, here is every Dymco’s product with pictures.

Steel belts with coating

Band saw substrate

Oil Skimmer Belt

 Perforated Belts

Welded Endless Stainless Steel belt

 Ring-rolled Seamless Stainless Steel Belt

Open Steel Belt, Steel Tape, Metal tape

Double Belt Press Heating System

Suction / Vacuum Conveyor

Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

Steel Belt Standard Conveyor

Ultra thin metal sleeve and tube

OA Roller in printers and copiers

 Flexible air roller and Flexible mirror roller

 Silica system abrasive and filler - Hess Power Pumice

Super-Thin Friction Pad


If you are interested in any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.