Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Vase Made from Kovar, Hard-to-Work Materials Nov. 28, 2017

Kovar is metal.  Nickel and cobalt are contained in iron.
Compared with other metals, thermal expansion of Kovar is quite low at around room temperature.
And its thermal expansion coefficient characteristics is close to that of glass. 
So it is used for hard glass sealing or IC lead frame.

Chemical Composition:  Ni 29%  Co 17%  Si 0.2%  Mn 0.3%  Fe 54%
Thermal expansion coefficient:  5.2 × 10 -6 / K (25-200 ° C.)

Kovar is very sticky and of low thermal conductivity.
Yet it is difficult to process and cut.
But we challenged process of Kovar using Dymco original rotary plastic processing machine  (Flow Forming Machine), and we made a low thermal expansion "vase".

Kovar made pot,  Diameter φ 200mm Depth 200mm  Thickness 0.2mm

It is fun to challenge hard process with our flow forming technology.
That way we develop our skills to answer news needs and requests fro our customers.

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