Friday, May 29, 2009


DYMCO is a proposal-oriented company who hears customers' requirements and realizes useful products for them. We find solutions for various needs with unlimited flexible ideas based on extensive technologies and rich experience. Additionally, we not only do our assignments given us, but also ensure creation of high value-added products.
Amidst the economic complex society, it is impossible for a company to practice a business alone even with their originality and expertise. As people say "good timing, location and cooperation" are truly necessary to carry through corporate activities. Without such factors we could not expect either technical innovations or economic growth.
We believe that returning the profit to the society in some way is one of the natural rules of running a business. Our business objectives are devoting ourselves to the benefit of society - contribution to society, obtaining a proper profit and this will lead to the delight - happiness of our company members.
For these purposes we always search and study with forward-looking behavior and create values - products of leading edge technologies, which is our mission and contribution to society, and we have no doubt that our such persistent efforts will lead to the development of society and ourselves.
We appreciate your continuous patronage.