Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016.10.26 Metal belt and DYMCO's Environmental Policy

We established our envoironmental policy in 2015.
It states,
'DYMCO, LTD. will pursuit to protect nature and to improve techonology that supports people and natural envoironments in our activities of steel belt manufacturing and sales, thus contribute to our society.'

For instance, when we ship belts, cushoning material is made from cornstarch.  This is combustible waste.

Cushoning material to prootect metal belts during shipping
Material inside the belt is cornstarch-made.

  This is only a part of what we do.  We will further work to reduce the environmental impact.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2016.10.19 Dymco Double Steel Belt Heat Press Conveyor Demonstration Machine.

We have many inquiries of Double Steel Belt Heat Press Conveyor.

Details of demonstration conveyor.

CENTRE DISTANCEthe upper 490mm , the lower 990mm


0.25t×150W×1265L (the upper), 2263L (the lower)

MATERIALHigh tensile stainless steel


POWERAC200V Single phase

MAX PRESSURE1960N 9.8Ncm2)


BELT SPEED0.13m/min


It is a better way to have a test before considering a concept.

We could have a test and send videos or pictures of result with your work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dymco exhibited N-Plus 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight in September.

Booth of Dymco in N+



Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016.10.12 Advice for the customer who plan to use steel belt for the first time:

There are many customers who claim to be a beginner in using steel belt.

The question like “What is the advantage of steel belt over plastic or rubber belt “is the most

Generally, the feature of steel belt is as follows;

/ dust free

/ excellent flatness

/ heat-resistant, anti-corrosive, wear-resistant

/ hygienic

/ stretch free

The use of steel belt is as follows;

/ robot arm driving mechanism

/ precision conveyer in continuous driving

/ precision conveyer in on-and-off driving

/ double press conveyer

/ suction conveyer

The last two use is our recent development of being a supplier of conveyer system.

The demonstration machine is ready for your trial operation in our laboratory.

Please ask DYMCO about your plan. Use questionnaire from our home page.



Thursday, October 6, 2016

2016.10.6 Dymco exhibited N-Plus / Cylindrical Stamper

 Dymco exhibited N-Plus 2016, held at Tokyo Big Sight from Sep. 28th through 30th.
We'd like to express our herty thanks to all the visitors.
To the inquiries we received at the exhibition we will immediately respond. 
It was Dymco's first participation in N-Plus and we showed 'Seamless
Cylindrical Replica Molds' for the first time.
This is a cylindrical stamper for continuous transcription.
Its uniqueness are
- this stamper is cylindrical and capable to transcribe continuously.
- this stamper is called 'Replica Mold' , a copy of the original finely patterned mold.  Cost effectiveness is expected.
Here are some pictures of our exhibition.
THose who could not ome to the show may have an idea how our presentation was like. 

 Suction Conveyer

Heat Press Conveyer

 Seamless Cylindrical Replica Mold 1

Seamless Cylindrical Replica Mold 2

Micro-Patterned Belt

 Air Roll 1

 Air Roll 2

Low-inertia Roll

If you are interested in our products and technology, please feel free to contact us.