Friday, September 25, 2015

Steel belt, metal belt and sleeves in printing machines

IGAS 2015 was held on Sep. 11 to 16 lst week at Tokyo Big Sight.
IGAS, International Graphic Arts Show is one of the four largest printing related shows in the world, together with drupa in Germany, PRINT in the USA, and IPEX in the UK.
Dymco's steel belts, metal belts and sleeves are employed in various types of printing machines.

Our seamless sleeves are working as fuser rolls in laser printer and cpiers. 
These sleeves are just 30 micron meters thick and seamless.  Due to this thin metal temperature of fusing rolles go up rapidly, which results in shorter standing time of printers.

And imaging process in ink jet printing or silk screen printing, our suction or vacuum belts convey paper and films right under the ink jet head and the screen plate.

In digital printing and offset, our sleeves have potential to make blancket roll surface.

Black steel belt, metal belt and ink jet printing machine

The video above is a high-speed ink jet printing machine.  Metal belt holds post cards by vacuum and sends them right under the ink jet head.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Web handling low inertia roll

As a variety of plastic films are developed for wider applications, thinner films are  being produced.
In these production, demand for lower inertia becomes apparent for feeding rollers.  Here we ntroduce our low-inertial roll.

 1.Structure of the low inertial roll
This roll is made up by the core roll and theouter sleeve. Its uniquness is that the core roll does not rotate.  Air goes in from the edge of the core roll axis and goes out of holes along core roll surface.  Due to this air flow the outer sleeve sweels and there appear clearance between the core roll surface and the outer sleeve.  Then the outer sleeve only begins to rotate, free of any resistance.

The outlook of the low inertia roll:  The outer surface is thin metal sleeve.  This sleeve only rotates.  The blue right end is the air inlet.

 2.Conparison of inertia with the conventional web handling rolls
The right one is the conventional roll.  This is made by steel, 1200mm long, diameter 100mm, thickness of the roll area is 6.0mm.  The left one is our low inertial roll, 1200mm long, diameter 100mm, thickness of the outer sleeve is 0.125mm.  When inertia of our roll is 1, inertia of the conventional roll is 48.   

 3.Effects of the low inertia roll
 The big benefit is improved production effectiveness by film conveying speed increase.  In general, when the roll diamer is long and weight is heavy, inertia becomes larger.  Also there appear speec difference between a conveyed film and roll rotation speed.  So there is limitation in film conveying speed.  Our roll is made up by the thin and light outer sleeve.  This light sleeve can follow the film speed, which increase speed of the entire line.
Other merits are 'being clean' and scratches become less due to lower stress between the roll and a film.



Friday, September 11, 2015

Metal belt, steel belt suction conveyor

We have a demonstration suction conveyor or vacuume conveyor as below.
This conveyor provides a flat stage for inkjet printing, laser or camera inspection, and many kinds of secondary process.

Contacts are coming from wide areas of auto industry, printing, food machinery, semi-conductors, and high-functional film idustry.

Especially Japaese customers visit us to have experiments with our demonstration conveyors.  Based on these test results we reach certain specifications of original conveyors of these users.


Inclined suction conveyor: suction is working both on the surface and returning side of the belt so that the work comes back.
The same conveyor as the above.  This body is set flat.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dymco is authorized by "Yokohama intellectual property mirai company"

The city office of Yokohama autorizes  "Yokohama intellectual property mirai company" every year.  They evaluate companies' intellectual property and its positive usage.  This year 41 medium and small-sized businesses are authorized.  Dymco is one of them.
Authorized logo of Yokohama intellectual property mirai company
Symbol of "Yokohama intellectual property mirai comapny"

Dymco have had this honor for 9 consequtive years.  We will continue to produce unique products based on steel belts and metal belt conveyors.