Friday, September 25, 2015

Steel belt, metal belt and sleeves in printing machines

IGAS 2015 was held on Sep. 11 to 16 lst week at Tokyo Big Sight.
IGAS, International Graphic Arts Show is one of the four largest printing related shows in the world, together with drupa in Germany, PRINT in the USA, and IPEX in the UK.
Dymco's steel belts, metal belts and sleeves are employed in various types of printing machines.

Our seamless sleeves are working as fuser rolls in laser printer and cpiers. 
These sleeves are just 30 micron meters thick and seamless.  Due to this thin metal temperature of fusing rolles go up rapidly, which results in shorter standing time of printers.

And imaging process in ink jet printing or silk screen printing, our suction or vacuum belts convey paper and films right under the ink jet head and the screen plate.

In digital printing and offset, our sleeves have potential to make blancket roll surface.

Black steel belt, metal belt and ink jet printing machine

The video above is a high-speed ink jet printing machine.  Metal belt holds post cards by vacuum and sends them right under the ink jet head.