Monday, October 29, 2018

Dymco is participating in 9th Highly-functional FILM EXPO TOKYO

We, Dymco is participating in 9th Highly-functional FILM EXPO TOKYO, held from December 5 to 7, 2018. This year, the exhibition is going to be held at Makuhari Messe.

9th Highly-functional FILM EXPO TOKYO

- Date: December 5 to 7, 2018
- Venue: Makuhari Messe
- Dymco’s booth: Hall 4 22-36 (East Hall)
- Official website:

*You can make a pre-registration and get a free entrance pass from above link.

This year Dymco will have a 6m wide and 9m deep large booth and display our steel belt products/technology which supports continuous process and production of the functional films.

This year Dymco will display;
1) Vacuum/Suction Steel Belt Conveyor
2) Double Steel Belt Press Conveyor
3) Nickel-electroformed Welded Cylindrical Stamper

1) Vacuum/Suction Steel Belt Conveyor

2) Double Steel Belt Press Conveyor

3) Nickel-electroformed Welded Cylindrical Stamper

As well as above three products, we are going to display various demonstration conveyors and samples.
It will be a great opportunity to have a look at Dymco’s series of products directly and have a discussion with our sales team in person.
If you will be near Tokyo in December, why don’t you come and visit us?

Friday, October 19, 2018

Process on Both Surface of the Work / Continuous Inspection, Printing, and Cleaning on Both Surfce by Our Vacuum Conveyor

DYMCO have produced perforated suction belts to process both surface of the work.
That process is inspection of the bothe sides and sometimes it is cleaning, and printing.

Nowadays PCB is getting to be flexible type.
Inkjet printing is done on both surface of paper.
Secondary battery material needs cleaning of both surface after being cut off from metal coils. 
Demand of process on both surface of the work is obviously increasing.

When we process both surface, we need to turn over the work.
First process on the surface → turn over the work → process on the back surface.

However, if the work is fragile or large, it is extremely difficult to make the system which turns over the work.

Such system can be simple and shorter-time process if 2 or 3 suction conveyors are combined as below.

Combination Example: 3 suction conveyors inspect both surface os the  work 
without turning over the work

Combination Example: Vacuum Conveyor 1 sucks the back surface of the work.

Vacuum Conveyor 2 sucks the surface of the work.

2 suction conveyors inspect both surface fo paper.

Hope you will try a stream line to process both surface of the work without turning-over process.



Wednesday, October 10, 2018

High-friction shim presented by Dymco

I am Kuwabara from Dymco's reserch department.

It's October now, and I hope the typoon season is finally over here.
As opposed to my hope, the one of the biggest typhoon just hit Japan.  That typoon had a strong storm that caused serious damages to our country. Moreover, another typoon is found around the very south of Japan. The route of the typoon is my huge concern. 

Today, kindly let us intoduce our high-friction shim while we have our main product, vacuum conveyor and double press conveyor.

In more detail, this sheet is a very thin stainless  sheet sprayed cermet on its surface.
What I mean  by "Spraying" is a processing method to form a film. 
In more details,  the fine particles of the spraying material is sprayed on its surface of our friction shim. 
Using various heat source, spraying material  melts or close to gets closer to a state that is almost melting. 
This is how the fine particles is made. 

is to add some extra functions that the base material does not originally have. 

The surface of the material after spraying is extremely rough.

The suface of our product is from  Ry 45 to 50μm.
The thickness around the part sprayed is 0.05m on each side, and spraying is processed on the both sides.  The thickness is optional, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6mm. The shape and dimention is your choice, too. If you have pullies or any kind of solid part in your machine, maskig the whole oject or part of the object is an option availabe.
The tip of robot arm is one of the applications.

We, dymco, had an experiment regarding the coeffient of friction.
The coefficient of friction between the steel processed by machine and  friction pad was " μ=0.3~0.35.
This is just for your reference.

Our various high-friction sheets

This pic describes how rough the surface of friction shim is

Monday, October 1, 2018

Trivia about Bubble Wraps; the Packaging of Steel Belts

I am Tsuiki from DYMCO, and I am in charge of packaging of DYCO’s products.

Bubble wraps are often used for the packaging of the steel belts.
“Bubble wrap" is actually a generic trademark owned by Sealed Air Corporation. The similar products are known under the name of bubble pack, bubble paper, air bubble packing, bubble wrapping, or aeroplast.
Those bubble wraps have a wide range of variety in their features. They vary from softer ones to harder one. Ones are antistatic. We pick the suitable bubble wraps for each product.

Did you know bubble wraps were invented by an accident? In 1957, when an engineer was working to develop a new wall paper, bubbles were accidently inserted in the wall paper. It eventually led the development of bubble wraps.
I learnt from this story, that a fail could be a success when we change our point of view.

By the way, I suppose everyone has once tried crushing and squeezing a sheet of bubble wraps. The bubbles pop with that unique sounds and it is so satisfying…

This is actually effective to release you from the stress. It calms them down or awake you. Why don’t change your point view on bubble wraps? You may find a new use of bubble wraps.