Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Web handling rolls #3 of 4 : Pattern-transcription sleeve

The third handling roll is a patterned mold roll.
This is to form minute patterns on plastic film and sheet surface.
Cylindrical thin-wall sleeve has patterns on its surface and
This sleeve is set onto the core air madrell.
As this roll continuously rotates, patterning is available on the roll to roll basis. This improves production efficiency over the process on sheet-to sheet basis.
Metal seamless sleeve as a patterned mold

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Web handling rolls #2 of 4

The second roll is 'a low-inertia roll.' 
This roll is different from conventional rolls, 
for it does not rotate itself,
rather the surface thin-wall sleeve only rotates.

This mechanism is that air splashes out from small holes over the roll core and expands diameter of the surface thin-wall sleeve. 
When a film goes through this roll, the surface thin-wall sleeves rotates along with speed of the film. 
This is why inertial of this roll is just twentieth and less of the conventional rolls.

In general to gain lower inertia, small-diameter rolls are used for production  of thin and wide films.  However, this small and long rolls inevitably bow when they receive loads.  Here our low-inertia rolls maintain straightness and low-inertia state due to the  above structure.

Low-inertia roll
Air is supplied to the roll core

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Web handling rolls #1 of 4

We have delvelped several types of metal rolls in the area of web handling  through discussions with customers.
They are classified in to 4 product categories. 
1. Air roll
2. Low-inertia roll
3. Fine patterned roll
4. Sleeves to hold magnetic parts insdie the forming roll

Today we talk about the first product category, Air roll.

Air roll is composed of a shaft, air, and the outer thin-wall metal sleeve.
Air is supplied from the outside and stays between a shaft and the outer meta sleeve.  This air supports the outer metal sleeve.  When this air roll is pushed by the other roll to form plastic, the metal sleeve surface yields and goes back to a flat state when it is not pushed.  This can happen because the outer metal sleeve is very thin and its tensile strength stands againt this pressure.  So this metalsleeve is flexible and provides nipping like rubber roll.  WHen this air roll is introduced, cooling and heating conditions are changed, which improves the entire forming conditions including rolling and strretching.
Air roll
THe outer surface metal sleeve, thickness 0.1mm, is flexible like rubber.

The producible range of the outer metal sleeve is form 19.8 to 260mm in diameter.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stainless steel belt food conveyor

Here in Japan our food conveyor is evaluated in hygiene environment.
Belt and conveyor frame are all made by stainless steel.
This is employed in
・meat processing
・transportation of processed food such as frozen rice, meat balls, and cut vegetables
・production of sweets like chocolate, candies, cubic sugar, and popsicle

If our conveyor is introduced in your factory,
・washing is quite easy. Labor and water will be decreased remarkably.

・bacteria do not sneak into the belt.  They do not grow in or on the belt.
・alchohol sterilization is OK.
・you will find size variation of the conveyor.
・you can change the belt instantly as shown in this video.


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