Thursday, September 24, 2009

The industry that uses the steel belt

I’m Minami of the steel belt company, Dymco.

When I visited to customers, they often asked me
"In what kind of industry is the steel belt often used?"

Many people tend to think ‘steel belt = clean’ so that the food industry is the main industry. But actually, the industry that uses the steel belt is various.

It is used also for the print relation and the office automation apparatus. And it is used for not only the enterprise but also an experimental way at the university as being in the homepage.
Steel belt has the potential to be used in various industries. Because it has characteristics to be used under a hot environment, a clean environment, and highly accurate transportation, etc…
So if you are interested in steel belt or think steel belt seems to be useful, please feel free to inquire.

TITLE: The industry that uses the steel belt

Monday, September 14, 2009

Series 2-7 Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

I am Shinohara of the stainless steel belt – DYMCO, LTD. I would like to speak on a “stainless steel belt food conveyor” today.
Its all-stainless steel body ensures durability, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. It is optimal for conveying items require heating, drying and cooling which are impossible for plastic or rubber belts. Unlike rubber or plastic belts, stainless steel ones prevent the infestation and reproduction of bacteria, allowing optimal direct loading of foods onto them.

Therefore, we recommend stainless steel food conveyors in the customer of the food, medical and medicine industry.

Please feel free to contact Dymco Sales responsible.

Series 2. Digest of DYMCO Japanese BLOG.
No.7. Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

Monday, September 7, 2009

Series 2-6. Stainless Steel belt for vacuum

I am Nagaya of Sales Department, ‘Stainless steel belt’- DYMCO, Ltd.
I will introduce 'Stainless Steel belt for vacuum' on this time.

Stainless Steel belt for vacuum uses its “FLAT surface” of the belt and the work adsorbed and transported.
The adsorbed works are various: electronic base, plastic sheet and veneer

DYMCO designs and manufactures stainless steel belt by custom-made. Your inquiries are very welcome on any belt thickness, belt width, hole diameter, pitch, and hole geometry (parallel and plover etc), etc.

Series 2. Digest of DYMCO Japanese BLOG.
No.6. Stainless Steel belt for vacuum.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Series 2-5. Steel belt Dymco English Site

On this time we will introduce Steel belt - Dymco English homepage, English Blog and English Advertisement site as follows:

1. Dymco English homepage:

2. Dymco English Blog:
We, Dymco Overseas Department staff have produced the above 2 sites and have been updated regularly.

3. Direct industry:
This is industrial product introduction site from France. You can see Dymco Stainless steel belt, stainless steel belt conveyors, and metal sleeve on this site.

This is Japanese site, which introduces Japan Made brand. You will find Dymco metal sleeves on this site.

We receive many inquiries from various countries. The seeds of the Dymco stainless steel belt are now spreading to the world from the above sites.
Series 2. Digest of DYMCO Japanese BLOG.
No.5. Steel belt Dymco English Site