Monday, September 14, 2009

Series 2-7 Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

I am Shinohara of the stainless steel belt – DYMCO, LTD. I would like to speak on a “stainless steel belt food conveyor” today.
Its all-stainless steel body ensures durability, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. It is optimal for conveying items require heating, drying and cooling which are impossible for plastic or rubber belts. Unlike rubber or plastic belts, stainless steel ones prevent the infestation and reproduction of bacteria, allowing optimal direct loading of foods onto them.

Therefore, we recommend stainless steel food conveyors in the customer of the food, medical and medicine industry.

Please feel free to contact Dymco Sales responsible.

Series 2. Digest of DYMCO Japanese BLOG.
No.7. Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor