Thursday, September 24, 2009

The industry that uses the steel belt

I’m Minami of the steel belt company, Dymco.

When I visited to customers, they often asked me
"In what kind of industry is the steel belt often used?"

Many people tend to think ‘steel belt = clean’ so that the food industry is the main industry. But actually, the industry that uses the steel belt is various.

It is used also for the print relation and the office automation apparatus. And it is used for not only the enterprise but also an experimental way at the university as being in the homepage.
Steel belt has the potential to be used in various industries. Because it has characteristics to be used under a hot environment, a clean environment, and highly accurate transportation, etc…
So if you are interested in steel belt or think steel belt seems to be useful, please feel free to inquire.

TITLE: The industry that uses the steel belt