Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another Solar Project

Fukushima Solar Inc. and Minami-soma city announced a project of Minami-soma Agri-park on 21st.

Fukushima Solar Inc. is a venture capital and Minami-soma is a city in Fukushima prefecture where many people still suffer from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident caused by big earthquake and tsunami in March 11th last year.

In this park they generate 500kW by solar panels.
100kW is used for agriculture in this park and remaining 400kW is sold to Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

by Fukushima Solar Inc.

This scheme is aimed at revitalizing agriculture in this area by self-supplied energy.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Japan's New Leader Tackles Strong Yen

'Revitalize the Japan's business activities' was his theme during campaign.
This initiative begins with weak yen.
High evaluation of yen has hampered purchase of Japanese products overseas.
Japan's economic leaders welcome Mr. Abe to the post of Prime Minister.

We hope that depreciation of yen will bring chances to buy Japan-made products overseas.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Small EV

Although the Japanese government is OK with setting up laws for new  category of very small cars, its legislation is very slow.
But the market is active.
The Japanese automakers are selling new small EVs that are acceptable in the present law.
The picture above is just one example. 
This EV is just for one person,
weighs 420 kgs, runs 50 kilo meters when fully charged.
It takes 6 hours to fully charge its cells.
This handy small cars are getting very popular in this country.
It is clean and convenient in moving around on narrow streets.

Still improvement of EV batteries are awaited in lower cost, longer cruising range, and shorter charging hours.
Why not develop EV batteries in roll to roll system or continuous process using steel belts?

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Steel Belt Material Tensile Strength Test Unit

We use tensile stainless steel grades for our belts such as SUS304H.
Sometime we are required to measure tensile strength for each material lot.
We have a test unit as above and confirm tensile strength of material.

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