Monday, April 29, 2019

New Application of Low Inertial Roll, 'Film Touch Roll'

New Application of Low Inertial Roll, 'Film Touch Roll'

We hope that you are familiar with our low inertial roll.
It has been shown in many exhibition so far,
yet it is being improved still now.

The illustration below explains its priciple.
The outer surface is a thin electro-formed Nickel sleeve.
Due to comprssed air this thin sleeve floats off the cylinder and rotates.
Mechanical rotational resistance loss is kept to a minimum.

As its application, 'touch roll ' is expected.

We made φ100×1200L to our customer.
Various size is to be discussed.


Meatl Belt DYMCO at Exhibitions

Metal Belt DYMCO at Exhibitions

We have joined exhibitions many times including High-Functional Film Show and Converting Technology show.  We work on booth design and enjoy it.

Until last year the base color was whit or blue like DYMCO logo.
In February this year at Int'l Secondary Battery Show at Tokyo Big Sight,
we adopted orange for the base color as shown in a picture below.
Walls were full of product images and we used simple words that explained those products.
DYMCO looked different there, bright and active.

We continue to challenge booth design so that more and more people come to us.

Now coming is 
SNEC 13th (2019) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference
June 4 to 6 this year at Shanghai New Int'l Expo Center.
We are at Hall E2  #112.

We are preparing for it.  Let's meet there. 


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

DYMCO's Double Steel Belt Machines

Dymco’s main product is stainless steel belts, but customers contact us are often unfamiliar with steel belts and they try steel belts for the first time.
There are a lot of applications with steel belts, Double Steel Belt Press is one of them.

What this machine can do is;
- Continuous forming process of heating, press, and cooling. This cannot be done without a high thermal conductivity of steel belts.
- Processed workpiece can be flat 
- Line speed can be faster because the heat press continues for a long time.

Customers can give a test with our demonstration machines at our laboratory.

2 double belt press machines are available for the demonstrations.

The second machine operate under maximum pressure of 3,000 kg, maximum temperature of 250. The belts are 400mm wide and cooling unit is installed after the heat press section.

We are frequently asked for the higher temperature. In that case, the first machine is capable of 350. We hear the needs for higher pressure, too. We are working on the modification of the demonstration machine to respond these customers’ needs.

Dymco’s machines are all custom, we design each steel belt machine based on customers’ needs and requirements.

If you are interested in Dymco’s steel belt machines, feel free to visit us.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Anti-Reflection White Coating on Suction / Vacuum Conveyor Belt

Anti-Reflection White Coating on Suction / Vacuum Conveyor Belt

Spring has cone here!
And coating in the picture below is bright just like spring white flower.
"New Arrival" "Spring White"  Anti-Reflectio Coating

The belt in the picture is a perofated belt for suction conveyors.
Some customers use vacuum conveyors for image inspection.
At that time perforated belts are often coated to make clear contrast with the work.

Black coating is popular.
But it is not good for the work including carbon fiber.
So in this spring season I tried white coating and I love it.
Carbon-fiber works are clear on this. 

I am thinking of the next new sample.

Cylindrical Pattern Mold

Cylindrical Pattern Mold

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Yokohama.
We are enjoying spring flowers and warm air.

Today's topic is a pattern mold.
We support continuous patterning by cylinders and belts.
In other words we help our customers to go beyond sheet by sheet patterning in 2 ways.

First, Nickel welded cylinders
Some of our customers use Nickel patterned plates to perform sheet by sheet patterning.
We take out patterned areas from Nickel plates and weld these pieces to make a patterned cylinder.
We call it 'a tiling belt,' for patterned pieces are connected together.
Find the picture below.

Nickel plates are thin and a welded cylinder is also thin.
We make a core, too, so that this thin cylinder fits the roll core.
When the roll core rotates, outside patterned cylinder also rotates and patterns are transferred to materials.

Second, we can provide cylindrical substrates that press the work while patterns are transferred form the patterned roll to the work, like the blue belt below.

We provide both stainless steel and Nickel belts.