Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Steel Belt (33)

Do you know the stainless steel belt types?

Stainless steel belt types are:el Belt

(1)Ring-rolled seamless stainless steel belt

(2)Open stainless steel belt

(3)Endless stainless steel belt, etc.

DYMCO stainless steel belts are manufactured at our factory in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Please kindly drop by at http://www.steelbelt.jp/tenryu-seimitsu-kogyo-ltd.php for the manufacturing process of the steel belt .

Title: Steel Belt (33)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Steel Belt (32) Static Electricity

The steel belt is made of the metal, it is best for the prevention of static electricity & electrification.

Usage Examples:

- Semiconductor and electronic parts

- Resin and film: suitable for the belt transportation without dust and garbage.

Please inquire to DYMCO if you have any problem with static electricity of belt transportation.

Title: Steel Belt (32) Static Electricity