Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor : Heating of powder

Powder material is often heated so that it will gain a new function,
another property.
Normally heating belt moves slow, maintaining right track by tracking mechanism. 
 Heat resistive metal belt and tracking mechanism are essential.
When temperature goes beyond 200 degrees C, 
we have any other choice but stainless steel belt.
Stainless Steel Heating Conveyor
Thermal expamsion ratio of this heating belt is 12.1x10^-6/degree.

Contact by email: overseas@dymco.co.jp

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stainless Steel Belt Systems - Laboratory 2 of 2

In addition to suction coveyor,
tests on heat and pressure are available with 2 sets of conveyors.

Double Stainless Steel Belt Heat Press Conveyor
Double Steel Belt Heat Press Conveyor
- Temperature 200 degrees max
- Belt width 150mm, center distance 500mm
- 2 heater blocks 150x150mm
- Pressure 200kg max
- Monitering of temperature by 7 temperature sensors

Stainless Steel Belt Heat Conveyor
- Single-belt type
- Heater over the belt, heater length 2000mm, 350 degrees max
- Belt width 500mm, center distance 3000mm
-  Belt speed variable 0.1 to 20 meters per min
- Edge positioning control unit is equipped for tracking 

If you are willing to tests these 2 conveyors, yet Japan is too far away,
then please send your material.
We will do test and report the result with video.

Contact by email: overseas@dymco.co.jp

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stainless Steel Belt Systems - Laboratory 1 of 2

When you are thinking to use stainless steel belts,
sometimes aren't you sure if it really works well?
We recommend to try in our stainless steel conveyors in the first place.
Many of our customers bring their own material
and watch if expected process and transportation could be done
on a stainless steel conveyor.
Common question is like,
'Our parts may be thick for suction conveyance. 
Suction will work on our parts? 
Then we can locate parts on the belt.'
We ask such people to bring parts to our lab and parts are really on the suction conveyor. 
We watch them and our customer learn if it works and what is the next  step.

So bring your material and see what will happen.
Stainless Steel Belt Suction Conveyor
Belt width 320mm, center distance 1500mm
lab tests are often done by this conveyor

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stainless Steel Perforated Suction Belt Conveyor

Here are tips for multifunction conveyor.
Due to suction, effective on belt surface and its back,
material is conveyed on both belt surface and back.
For instance injet printing is done on paper or plastic films on the belt surface and when they go to the back, their image is cheched by inspection camera.