Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stainless Steel Belt Systems - Laboratory 1 of 2

When you are thinking to use stainless steel belts,
sometimes aren't you sure if it really works well?
We recommend to try in our stainless steel conveyors in the first place.
Many of our customers bring their own material
and watch if expected process and transportation could be done
on a stainless steel conveyor.
Common question is like,
'Our parts may be thick for suction conveyance. 
Suction will work on our parts? 
Then we can locate parts on the belt.'
We ask such people to bring parts to our lab and parts are really on the suction conveyor. 
We watch them and our customer learn if it works and what is the next  step.

So bring your material and see what will happen.
Stainless Steel Belt Suction Conveyor
Belt width 320mm, center distance 1500mm
lab tests are often done by this conveyor