Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cyridical Seamless Replica Mold for the Nano-imprint Stamper

I have been always suffering from a seasonal allergy at this time of year, and I have been spending my days enduring my runny nose and itchy eyes again this year.
The forecast suggests that more pollen is observed this year than average.
The range of pollen's diameter is from 10μm to several dozen μm. It is so fine that they are invisible for human eyes, but, they are spread into the atmosphere.

By the way, we have been introducing this so frequently on our blogs these days though, Dymco is focusing on the production of replica molds for applications such as nanoimprint molds.

This replica mold suggests replacing an expensive master roll by a "disposable" replica which is precisely duplicated from a master mold. The master mold has engraved patterns on its surface. They are several μm to several tens μm deep and wide, which are invisible to human eyes just like the pollen. It is a new technology that can protect the master mold from consumption or damage.

A Sample of Replica Sleeve
The "disposalable" replica duplicated from the master mold

The shape of the master mold can be precisely duplicated. (seamless)

Instability in the quality of the mold can be reduced by duplicating from the best master mold.
The cost of duplication is reasonable compared to that of producing a new master mold - mass production is possible

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dymco’s Stainless Steel Belt Conveyors for Demonstrations

We have several demonstration conveyors open to customers’ test.
If you can bring your conveying object, we are happy to help you have a test on our conveyors.

Thankfully, we quite often receive an inquiry for our vacuum conveyor, and double belt heatpress conveyors these days.
It's been said that seeing is believing. Feel free to come and visit us together with your conveying object, and, see how our conveyor works through a test.

The video of Dymco's stainless steel vacuum conveyor

The video of Dymco's double belt heat press conveyor

About  our double belt heat press conveyors, the 2nd demonstration conveyor of  is ready, besides the 1st conveyor.
Our 2nd conveyor has 400mm wide belt, and the pressure is up to 3000kgf.
To respond the customers’ frequent request, the cooling function is also available on the 2nd double belt heat press.

Of course, we have demonstration machines of our regular stainless steel belt conveyors for general transporting use.


Monday, April 16, 2018

MakeYour Small Robots Much Smaller April.13, 2018

We make rough-surface shims.
When you use it for your small robot joints, what will happen?

With its rough surface of shims, namely with their higher friction, joints become tighter and  rattling between the jointed parts will be reduced.
 If you use 4 bolts in one joint with the current joint method, our rough-suraf shims may help you to use only 3 bolts in the same joint. Or joint parts may be smaller.

This way if you have higher-friction shims, the number of parts may be reduced and joint parts may be smaller.  This brings abour cost efficiency.

Our high-friction shims are:
- Base material is high tensile stainless steel like SUS304H, thickness from 0.1mm.
- They have about 50 micron thick layer with rough surface on both surface of the base matrial.

Dymco's Rough-Surface ShimsSurface of Dymco's rough-surface shims
Dymco's Rough-Surface Shims / An enlarged photo of the rough suface

Please do not hesitate to try out our shim.



Friday, April 6, 2018

Can Even make Pressed Flowers?! Double Belt Press Heating System Apr. 6, 2018.

Recently “Sakura Letter”, which means the announcement that the cherry blossoms have started to bloom are received from various places in Japan.

Here in Yokohama, White Angelita and Flowering Peach are in bloom also. It is exactly "Spring has come!" what I wanted to say.

Flower reminds me of “Pressed Flowers”. I can still remember how to put some heavy books and making pressed flowers in my childhood. Nothing else can do but wait until the flower turns dry and been pressed for several days. It’s a quite boring work, isn’t it? Today, in DYMCO, there is a device to heat and press an object continuously and quickly.

It is Double Belt Heat Press Conveyer . It is a device that enables continuous heating and pressurization by clamping an object between two stainless belts while transporting it. Since cooling is also possible as well as heating, it can be used for various purposes such laminating resin films, prepreg formation, processing composite materials, bonding and crimping process followed by cooling process.

For more details, please contact us from the inquiry page within the DYMCO website, please feel free to contact us.