Friday, April 6, 2018

Can Even make Pressed Flowers?! Double Belt Press Heating System Apr. 6, 2018.

Recently “Sakura Letter”, which means the announcement that the cherry blossoms have started to bloom are received from various places in Japan.

Here in Yokohama, White Angelita and Flowering Peach are in bloom also. It is exactly "Spring has come!" what I wanted to say.

Flower reminds me of “Pressed Flowers”. I can still remember how to put some heavy books and making pressed flowers in my childhood. Nothing else can do but wait until the flower turns dry and been pressed for several days. It’s a quite boring work, isn’t it? Today, in DYMCO, there is a device to heat and press an object continuously and quickly.

It is Double Belt Heat Press Conveyer . It is a device that enables continuous heating and pressurization by clamping an object between two stainless belts while transporting it. Since cooling is also possible as well as heating, it can be used for various purposes such laminating resin films, prepreg formation, processing composite materials, bonding and crimping process followed by cooling process.

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