Monday, April 16, 2018

MakeYour Small Robots Much Smaller April.13, 2018

We make rough-surface shims.
When you use it for your small robot joints, what will happen?

With its rough surface of shims, namely with their higher friction, joints become tighter and  rattling between the jointed parts will be reduced.
 If you use 4 bolts in one joint with the current joint method, our rough-suraf shims may help you to use only 3 bolts in the same joint. Or joint parts may be smaller.

This way if you have higher-friction shims, the number of parts may be reduced and joint parts may be smaller.  This brings abour cost efficiency.

Our high-friction shims are:
- Base material is high tensile stainless steel like SUS304H, thickness from 0.1mm.
- They have about 50 micron thick layer with rough surface on both surface of the base matrial.

Dymco's Rough-Surface ShimsSurface of Dymco's rough-surface shims
Dymco's Rough-Surface Shims / An enlarged photo of the rough suface

Please do not hesitate to try out our shim.