Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dymco’s Stainless Steel Belt Conveyors for Demonstrations

We have several demonstration conveyors open to customers’ test.
If you can bring your conveying object, we are happy to help you have a test on our conveyors.

Thankfully, we quite often receive an inquiry for our vacuum conveyor, and double belt heatpress conveyors these days.
It's been said that seeing is believing. Feel free to come and visit us together with your conveying object, and, see how our conveyor works through a test.

The video of Dymco's stainless steel vacuum conveyor

The video of Dymco's double belt heat press conveyor

About  our double belt heat press conveyors, the 2nd demonstration conveyor of  is ready, besides the 1st conveyor.
Our 2nd conveyor has 400mm wide belt, and the pressure is up to 3000kgf.
To respond the customers’ frequent request, the cooling function is also available on the 2nd double belt heat press.

Of course, we have demonstration machines of our regular stainless steel belt conveyors for general transporting use.

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