Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Stainless steel belt conveyer with belt wiper Nov. 22, 2017

We visited two food marcinery trade shows this year.

The one was "International Food Marcinery & Technology Exhibition" held in June.
The other one was held in September in Chicago, which is called "Process Expo".

We found it is extremely difficult to scrape with belt wipers sticky things stuck on plastic and rubber belts .  They are not removed completely and there are left-overs on the belt.  These sticky things include mashed potatoes, bread daugh, etc.
Although food safety is focused in every country now, these left-overs are a hygienic problem from steel belt maker's viewpoint.

In the United States, there are also plastic and rubber belts that transport food like fat-contained hamburger steak and confectionery paste. It seems the US food producers are also suffering from "Scraping sticky materials". 
As I looked at the show in Japan,  manufacutuers also seem to face  a serious problem of residue on belts such as powder and seasoning drops. 

Rubber, resin and mesh belts, it takes huge amount of time and work to constantly remove these residues and make them clean every day.

Also bacteria frows and smell reamins on these belts. 
It is a pity that many food manufacturers do not know stainless steel belts. Dymco has a food conveyor in our product lineup.
The belt here is tensile stainless steel and provides flat transport bed.
Yet plastic safety wiper (scraper) is available as below.

This perfectly fits the flat belt surface and removes everything off the belt.

←Wiper here

Easy maintenance is another feature.
The driven pully is easy hung up and the belts becomes loose.
Then washing is quite easy and the belt is exchanged in a shot time.
Video and spec on this page: