Friday, December 29, 2017

Stage Lifting Stainless Steel Belt Dec. 29, 2017

Stage Lifting Stainless Steel Belt
Hanging, Lifting, Winding Up and Down
Our stainless steel belts are used for lifinting and lowering stages and tables.
Guess a stage is square.  Eash of 4 corners are hung by stainless steel belts like the picture below.
These belts  are wound around pulleys.  They are wound up, then the stage goes up.

Why do customers choose our belts for this function?

◇ Positioning is easy for belt elongation is limited. 

◇ Belts are thin and flat in  all the length.  Belts are wound smooth and wrapped compact around pulleys.
◇ Look at 4 wire ropes lifting up and down one stage.
     They are not wound neat and equal.  So when 4 pulleys rotate one time and wind them up, lifted distance is different in each wire.  This distance is almost equal in stainless steel belts.
◇ No oil, no lubicants in winding stainless steel belts.  Now worry about oil droplets.
◇ The winding diameter can be made smaller than wire ropes.
These advantages help our customers.
4 Stainless Steel Belts are wound up and down and the stage goes up and down. 

Please let us know layout in your inquiry.
  We are very glad to present calculation and suggest belt specifications.
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