Friday, December 15, 2017

Our Stainless Steel Belt and Environmental Policy Dec. 15, 2017

Last week, I watched a documentary program titled” the No-emission Revolution – A new trend rules the Global business-“. It shocked me. No-emission of CO2 is now a very common goal for a company in the world of global business!

Dymco practises our environmental policy at the very daily level. We turn light in the office off during the lunch break. We use Eco-friendly materials for the packaging of our products.

Recently, quite a few customers ask us about safety or chemical components of our stainless steel belts. We check them carefully on each production process.

Additionally, since stainless steel belts are made of metal, our stainless steel belts have a good resistivity to heat, chemicals, corrosion. Therefore, Dymco’s stainless belts are used in conveyors transport certain kinds of substances come out from recycled electric appliances.

No-emission of CO2 is the key to success in the global market.


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