Friday, July 13, 2018

Using Stainless steel belt in vacuum atmosphere for transfer and drive

Which kind of material of drive belts or  conveyor’s when used it in the vacuum environment is always a issue.

Compared with normal atmosphere , the vacuum environment have these characteristic list as below
  • the lower pressure
  • more collision of gas molecules
  • oxygenized difficult
  • hard to cooling down
  • the boiling point is lower
  • hard to transaction the electricity

Due to  these features,  the vacuum atmosphere are wildly used in a number of applications, first of Freezing Dry of coffee beans, LCD, Solar Batteries, Blade Processing, Vapor depositing, sputtering working process and etc.

It is necessary to move or transportation workpieces in the vacuum chamber.
For drive belts and transportation belts, why we should choose stainless steel belts but not resin belts or plastic belts?

Here are the reasons
  • Dense oxide layer makes less gas adsorption
  • Almost no release of outgas like rubber and plastics, help maintains negative pressure
  • The lubricating oil is not needed since the metal belt moves in the friction conduction
  • Since less dusting than rubber belt or a resin belt, stainless steel belt is hardly contaminate the inside of the chamber
  • Stainless steel belt has to demonstrate the performance especially under high vacuum environment