Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Easy-to-Clean Metal Belt Food Conveyor

Easy-to-Clean Meta Belt Food Conveyor

Emergency declaration was lifted here in Japan yesterday.

Still COVID-19 threat exists. 
In DYMCO we continue to work from home and make use of web conferences.
Social distance, masks, ventilation, and washing hands have become are our new behaviors.

In such a situation, we feel motivation is growing to keep clean transport equipment especially in the food and medical industries.

Easy to clean is our  “Food Steel Belt Conveyor
The belt, frames and all parts are made of stainless steel.
Disassembly, cleaning and washing are very easy.
DYMCO Steel Belt Conveyor for Food Hygiene Management
There is little 凹凸 on the stainless steel belt surface.
Please wipe with alcohol or wash with water at the end of work.
The belt is soon dry and kept clean.

Also, by additional surface treatments other functions may be acquired on the belt.
This is an issue to be discussed.
Please contact us or email to overseas@dymco.co.jp