Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Over 50 Rich Grades Variations - Hess Pumice Amorphous Precision Abrasives

Over 50 Rich Grades Variations - Hess Pumice Amorphous Precision Abrasives

Dymco is a steel belt maker. 

We are proud of precision, flatness, and smoothness of our belts., etc.

We also work as the Asian representative of Hess Pumice Products in the United States,
importing to Japan and exporting to Asia their silica abrasives.

Pumice of Hess is non-crystalline silica and harmless to human bodies.
It is harder than other silica powders, resulting in higher grinding efficiency.
This is used as abrasives for glasses and metals in Japan and PCB substrates in Asia.

Hess Pumice Production Site

Hess silica abrasives

Microscope picture of Hess Silica abrasives
There are many long processes in polishing from rough to intermediate and finish.
Also, some users target to improve surface roughness, 
while others target to remove deposits.
Hess abrasives lineup ranges from the minimum average particle 3 microns and
includes many grades (particle size distribution) exceeding 50.

Customers can choose the most suitable grade according to usage, polishing objects, purpose, process, etc.

Hess also offers the low heavy mineral powders.
Heavy minerals in abrasives are just 0.1% or even less by their precise crushing,
selection technology and strict quality control.
It is possible to provide the samples free of charge,
so please be free to contact us overseas@dymco.co.jp
or Hess Pumice sales@hesspumice.com