Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Relationship between steel belt and pulley diameter

Relationship between steel belt and pulley diameter

Various thicknesses and types of steel belts are chosen for each usage.
Then what about pulley diameter?
A large pulley is chose for a thick belt and a small one for a thin belt.
Here is a guideline in the technical information of Dymco's web site.

For power transmission open end belts,
pulley diameter = thickness x 400
example: belt thickness 0.1mm x 400 = pulley diameter 40mm

For welded type conveyor belts,
pulley diameter = thickness x 700

But when there are holes in the conveyor belt,
we recommend pulley diameter = thickness x 800
The graph below shows this relationship for conveyor belts.

                                                   Y:Belt thickness X:Pulley diameter

Yellow and green lines need smaller diameter than red and blue lines.
Yellow and green are stronger belts against bending stress than red and blue belts.

If you want to extend life of steel belts,
try to use larger pulley diameter than this guideline.

But when a load is not much, smaller diameter may be possible.

We recommend the best belt and pulley dimension for your application based on our stress calculation.
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