Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Hess Pumice Sand for Chinchilla bathing

Hess Pumice Sand for Chinchilla bathing

Due to the emergency declaration, 
'work from home' was introduced in Dymco in the middle of April.
Now the declaration was lifted.
We adopt staggered working hours from June 1.

So we work together again at our office.
We are finding little by little difference and merits of working in the office and working from home.

The second and third wave are predicted.
Also typhoons are coming.
DYMCO is preparing for those cases to continue our sales and production.

DYMCO is famous for its steel belts,
but we are doing sales of other interesting products.
As an Asian distributor of Hess Pumice Products, Inc. in the US, 
we import and sell their silica powders as abrasives.
They are used mainly for polishing glasses, metals, etc., 
but we also sell their powders as ChillDust, a product used for chinchilla sand baths.
Chinchillas and hamsters keep their bodies clean by bathing in sand.
Please look at this video, Hess Pumice Sand for Chinchilla bathing.

If you are interested in this sand for pet care,

please contact us or email to