Wednesday, March 20, 2019

DYMCO, Seamless Stainless Tube Maker

DYMCO, Seamless Stainless Tube Maker

Hi, I'm Tomioka of R & D.
Thank you very much for visiting our Booth of "10th International Rechargeable Battery Exhibition" held at Tokyo Big Sight from February 28, 2019 to March 1, 2019.

In this exhibition, we mainly exhibited "Suction / Vacuum Steel Belt Conveyor" and "Double Steel Belt Heat Press Conveyor", but Dymco is also a maker of Seamless and Ultra-thin Stainless steel Sleeves.

Our seamless and ultra-thin sleeves cover different types and manufacturing methods.
One of them is rolled sleeves.  

When we make rolled sleeves, first we weld a stainless steel plate to form a cylinder.  
This cylinder is a start drum.  We further form a flange on this drum to set it on our original rolling machine.

Rolling is done.  The drum becomes thinner.  Then it goes through heat treatment.  We repeat this rolling and heating to finally make a completely seamless sleeve.  

Look at the pictures on the right below.  Parent material and initially welded area are uniform and made seamless.

Left: the welded area in a start drum.   
Right: after rolling and heat treatment the same area is integrated.

This is rather large sleeve, like diameter 200 to 500 or 600mm.

The smaller diameter sleeves are different from this method.
There is no welding process.
It start from deep drawing and making a flange.
Then it is set on another original machine and rolled.  Very thin seamless sleeves are made.
Although there are restrictions due to production molds and jigs, it is possible to deal with various sizes. Please try to contact us when you design your equipment and machine.

Prototype of rolling sleeve could make from just 1 item.
Try contact to us.

Why not try stainless steel belts for your problems?

Why not try stainless steel belts for your problems?

It is becoming a bit warm in Yokohama.
But temperature goes up and down.  Let's take care of ourselves when seasons change. 

We are in full production and they are made to order.

We get an inquiry.   Sales person talks with a customer and decided the final specifications.  When all is agreed, we start production.

If the specifications are all set at time of inquiry, we may start production soon.

When we talk with customers, we receive questions, like,

"How can we make use of merits of steel belts?' or
"We are thinking a system this way.  Can we use metal belts for transport here?"

Key words of Inquiries these days are such:

・Food transport
・transport for heating or cooling
・transport in clean rooms
・flat welding-one-belts and seamless belts
・suction conveyance

We contact these customers and hear applications, what is conveyed, temperature and working conditions.

When you think of use of stainless steel belts,please be free to contact us.