Friday, August 30, 2019

Weld Seam of Stainless Steel Belt

Today, I would like to talk about weld seam of Dymco’s steel belts.

Dymco’s steel belts used in multiple applications – such as continuous inspection conveyors, vacuum conveyors, heating conveyors, food conveyors.
Among those applications, the double belt press conveyor – the continuous heat press unit sandwiches the workpiece between a pair of steel belts - is one of the applications requires a high quality in weld seam.

Dymco’s steel belt features a very flat weld seam at its regular finish. Though, with the additional polish on the weld seam, unevenness of the weld seam (height of the weld bead) can be less than 5 microns. Dymco fulfills the customers’ various requests with the suitable steel belt.

Dymco’s steel endless belt with the regular weld seam.

Dymco’s steel endless belt with the polished weld seam.

If you have any interest in our products and technologies, please feel free to contact us.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tourist Attractions Around DYMCO

Tourist Attractions Around DYMCO

In July we celebrated our 34th anniversary on Entertainment Restaurant Ship 'Royal Wing.
The ship sailed through under Yokohama Bay Bridge and made a round of Yokohama Port.
As twilight covers the sky, night views of Yokohama spread out in front of us. 
It was so beautiful.
Here is a picture of the night.

We sometimes have overseas visitors.
We show them or belts and conveyors.
When visitors bring their work, we test them on our vacuum conveyors, for instance.

If you have a chance to visit Japan, we suggest your coming to DYMCO first and why not enjoy night views of YOKOHAMA after?

Thursday, August 22, 2019

DYMCO's Precision Welded Tubes

Dymco’s stainless steel endless belts are manufactured by the highly skilled precision welding technology. Regardless of the materials’ thickness, Dymco’s stainless steel belts are not lap-welded, but butt-welded.

Applying its highly skilled welding technology, Dymco manufactures welded tubes with the very high dimensional precision.
The pictures below are a doubled tube; Inner dimeter of the outer tube is φ300.03+/-0.01mm. The inner tube is inserted inside the outer tube, of which outer dimeter is the φ300.00+/-0.01mm. There is no clearance between inner and outer tubes. The both tubes are 0.2mm thick and tolerances for inner/outer diameter is +/-0.01mm.

Each tube has only one weld seam in circumference.

Outer tube: IDφ300.03mm

Inner tube: ODφ300.00mm

Dymco’s welded tubes features very thin wall, flexibility, and light weight. Therefore, these tubes are frequently used as covers.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Dymco’s precision thin-wall welding technology.

Friday, August 9, 2019

An Option to Replace Plastic Disposables: Thin Metal Cylinder

In April this year, Nikkei, one of the Japanese leading newspapers, reported,
"P&G and other firms try reuse of metal containers.
An action to reduce plastics in daily necessities."

Most liquid detergent and shampoo / rinse containers are made of plastic.
But being sought are using recycled plastic and changing to metal containers that can be used repeatedly.

Challenge of P&G:  Aluminum bottles in NewYork and Paris

Look at the picture below.

Stainless Sleeve, thickness 30 microns

For welded metal cylinders, we can contol their dimeter by 0.1mm .

These technologies to make thin metal cylinders may assist to replace plastic containers.

Micro-pattern imprinting rolls for plastic film production

These days, we see more and more requests for a special imprint roll to which a replica sleeve is attached. These rolls are used to imprint micro-patterns on the surface of plastic film/sheet materials.

A replica sleeve precisely copies micro patterns from a master imprint mold, and it is produced at highly economical cost. Normally, a master mold tends to be so expensive since the micro-patterns are processed by a high-precision machining tool, and it requires a long working time.

Dymco invented a method to economically produce a lot of replica sleeves.

“Disposable” replica sleeves 

A replica sleeve is inserted to the roll

The merit of using a replica sleeve is that it can be replaced by another replica sleeve when the micro pattern is damaged. That reduces the running cost at the mass production.

Monday, August 5, 2019

DYMCO exhibits Highly-functional FILM EXPO 2019

We decided to exhibit at Tokyo Show this year,
December 4 to 6 at Makuhari Messe, Japan.
This is our 9th participation in this exhibitioin.
We are prerparing for belts, conveyors, and sleeves to be displayed there, including

Double steel belt heat press conveyor
Vacuum / Suction conveyor
Nickel Tiling Mold
Replica mold, and others

Pictures show 3 steps to make NIckel Tiling Mold

1.  Precise cutting of the 2-dimension stamper

2.  Welding cut pieces.
It looks like tiles are got together.
3.  All the cut pieces are welded to form a cylinder mold

See you at the show!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

DYMCO is working towards EMS, Environmental Managament System Certification

DYMCO is working towards EMS, Environmental Management System Certification

We have started operation activities for the first time to get certification of Environmental Management System JIS Q 14001:2015(ISO 14001:2015).
The internal audit has already been completed in June.
Now we are in preparation of the initial assessment in August 
and are making steady efforts for the main assessment in September this year.

We will be a environmentally friendly company and 
care for environment more and more in our steel belt business.

The above picture is our Environmental Policy issued in March this year.

(1) We design, manufacture and sell environmentally friendly precision machined parts and related equipments.

(2) We will design and develop in consideration of the environment for resources and energy consumed or disposed by our business activities, and control or reduce them through alternative use of materials in an effort to prevent global warming.

(3) Capture the impact of business activities on the environment, and set goals within the range that is technically and economically possible.

(4) We will work to prevent pollution and work on environmental protection through resource exhaustion measures (energy saving, resource saving, use of renewable energy, mitigation of climate change (warm gas response)).

(5) In our business activities, we will comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and environmental requirements to which we agree.

(6) We will work with related companies and partner companies to deepen their awareness of environmental issues.

(7) This environmental policy will be made known to all employees and publicized so as to be available to the general public.