Friday, February 12, 2016

Micro pattern sleeves

Recently, it is increasing for us to provide moulds for nanoinprint with micro patterned surface.

 Thickness of sleeve is around 0.05mm~0.3mm and materials are Nickel or SUS.

A process to make a master mould, sleeve is pressed fit onto an axis and polish as mirror surface.
 After the sleeve is polished, it is curved micro pattern on the surface.

Micro pattern belt (Seamless Pattern Mould)

However, this means needs high precision machine tools and takes much time.

Also, the master moulds have lifetime so it is necessary to have a few moulds for mass production.
We have invented a new solution to make copy mould which is totally same as its master with transfer the micro pattern twice.
It does not cost like making new moulds by curving.

Example of micro patterned thin metal sleeve

The picture is an example but we could have smaller pattern recently.
We coat
electroless nickel plating on nickel sleeve first and curve after press fit the sleeve onto an axis.
 The patterned sleeve is used with pressed fit onto an axis of mass production machine.
 To press fit, a specific skill is necessary so we usually manufacture the axis as well.
 We deal with sleeves and axes for trial or mass production.