Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 5, 2017 New Elastic Metal Roll

This is to introduce our new elastic metal roll for production of R2R functional plymer films in FPD, battery, and a barrier film market.
New Elastic Metal Roll
For these 10 years Dymco has sold elatic metal rolls, named Air Roll.
Roll surface is metal, yet the roll holds compressed air in its inner body, so it is elastic.  It recieves pressure pressed from the other roll and  its pressured was limited. 
These days inquiries have increased to request rollers that are capable to accept more pressure.
Of course we know that some metal rolls have rubber on its back and receive more pressure.  However, rubber can hardly follow movement and deformatin of the outside metal roll.
We have solved this issue and our first tests show satisfactory results.
We are capable to respond wider ressure range with this new type of air roll.