Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 26, 2017 Steel Belt Maker DYMCO, 32nd Anniversay

Here is message from Tetsuo Taga, the president of DYMCO /a steel belt manufacturer:

On June 21 this year, we celebrated our 32nd anniversary of establishment. We appreciate all of you who helped us in many ways. Please accept my thank-you to all of you again.

To change the subject, Japan suffers quite a few natural disaster from year to year in this summer season. This year, it is likely that heat waves and heavy precipitation will continue to become more frequent. I become aware of global warming is escalating every year. Unfortunately, the US president Mr.Trump declared withdrawal from Paris Agreement, however, world-famous corporations like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft announced that “we are still in”, criticizing the president. I hope the world will proceed to control the global warming problem in unison.

Concerning world political situation, the number of terrorist attack has increased significantly in spite of people’s anticipation that IS will be destroyed in near future.  Terrible news of terrorist attack hurts my feeling deeply.

I wish a better world to come conquering the racial and religious prejudice.

To talk about technological innovation, there have been significant computer developments during last three decade. The application of IT technology like automated driving system, AI speaker will be contributing to the modernization of our life style.

Learning the new technology to cope with changing situation is essential attitude for us.

Let me announce DYMCO’s principle that an ordinary task shall be carried through to the final end. Having this in mind, customer satisfaction is our utmost sense of value.

I wish our service and products will contribute to your success.

Thank you.